Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Bad Santa 2" Trailer is out!

I just found out a minute ago that there is a sequel to Billy Bob Thornton's movie, "Bad Santa", and I've got it here: "Bad Santa 2".  It looks like Billy Bob's character and his adopted son have not moved up at all in society, after a few years have passed.

"Bad Santa 2" Trailer is out!

I just found out a minute ago that there is a sequel to Billy Bob Thornton's movie, "Bad Santa", and I've got it here: "Bad Santa 2".  It looks like Billy Bob's character and his adopted son have not moved up at all in society, after a few years have passed.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dreamworks Animation Stock is up a lot since I blogged about it in February!

Well since the last time I blogged on this blog (way back in February), Dreamworks Animation's stock price has gone way up- majorly.  I was saying that maybe Disney should buy it- but it's a lot more expensive now!  YOU should've bought some!  I did go ahead and buy some for a relative whose investment portfolio I manage- and I hope that she's grateful!

Anyway, I am so tired of politics that I don't think that I'll blog about it much anymore.  Besides, most people know how to think for themselves on that topic.  I also think that for the most part people can see and recognize idiots.  And people know when they themselves are lying, when they are burying their own heads in the sand, and someone if full of shit.  So I'm not about trying to convince anyone of anything like that anymore. Count me out.

I will, however, make up characters and tell stories of folks who might find themselves in moral dilemmas.  That's interesting always- to create these scenarios for others to chew on. I myself cannot wait until I complete a private project that I am almost done with, so that I can begin writing screenplays.  I have lots of inspiration around me here in Los Angeles- I always meet spectacularly talented screenwriters!  Most are friendly and helpful to the aspiring screenwriter. I hope to take advantage of their gifts of advice.

Anyway,  it is late and I am sleepy.  I am going to bed now!

Monday, February 11, 2013

How Apple Should Or Could Invest Its Cash - Buy Dreamworks Animation!

Apple Inc., the gigantic computer maker and inventor of the iPhone and iPad, along with the iMac, has about $137 billion in cash, due to its tremendous success in sales of its products and management of its assets. One huge asset that Apple can boast about that most other companies cannot: that it has over a billion dollars in cash. In fact, Apple has over 137 billion dollars.

Apple has recently been rocked with a falling stock price, in some part due to a perceived (or imagined and much hyped) decline in the popularity of its products. Shareholders, which include most large institutional shareholders, have taken notice, and many armchair stock gurus have  jumped in with their prescriptions for what can turn Apple around. I do not agree with most of the things that I hear, but I think that it is good that Apple is going through this kind of thing right now: good for investors, and good for Apple. It's good for investors who have cash, because at this price level and given its fundamentals, people would have to be idiots to buy almost any other stock. Cash is still King, after all. It also presents Apple with the opportunity to buy more shares in its buyback program, which it is doing.

Recently one prominent Apple investor filed a lawsuit against Apple to force it to do something with its cash besides banking it. This is also good for shareholders. It has been suggested that Apple use its cash to buy a complimentary company. One name that has been bandied about often in the media today as a great buy for Apple is Netflix. After all, Netflix is on every smart phone, computer, tablet designer and gaming console's mind when they design their new products. Netflix has such a great user interface that, in my opinion, no other carrier could duplicate the quality without some kind of infringement (although lately big companies seem to get away with infringement- look at what Samsung did to Apple). Netflix does have huge name-brand recognition, and they provide a service which, in my opinion, is a huge value for the $7.99 per month that one pays for streaming video. A month ago, Netflix would have been the best investment in the world for anyone (since their stock price doubled since then, based on earnings of $9 million and a report of a growth in subscribers). One of Netflix's competitors, Hulu, is so desperate that they have matched Netflix's price for Hulu Plus, and you cannot even go to Hulu's website on a tablet now without immediately being redirected to sign up for Hulu Plus (without even being able to peruse some sample titles). Netflix currently has a market value of just under 10 billion dollars at today's stock valuation, so Apple could definitely afford to make a move. I imagine that an offer of at least 30 percent over the current market price of the stock would be accepted. In addition to its great technology, Netflix is also a movie and television production company. Netflix might be a great investment for Apple, but it might not be a must-buy. There are other great companies that Apple could buy. For example, Disney has a market cap of under $100 billion, and Apple could buy that, too if it wanted (or they could merge the companies). Apple has the cash, and he with the cash has options.

Another company that I see as a great purchase opportunity for Apple (or for Disney) is Dreamworks Animation. It has a market valuation of under $2 billion, has long-term debt of only $200 million, has $137 million in cash, is profitable, has several of the highest-grossing movies of all-time, has recognizable characters, including Shrek, and, like Pixar, has a proven track-record of making great, profitable animated films (I heard that Rise of the Guardians lost money for the Company, but I also heard that it is one of the best movies from last year that I have not seen).

I have heard that the founders of the company, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg, are still major shareholders in the company and that despite the stock being a public company, they together still control 70 percent of the company's voting, and any deal would have to be approved by both of them.  Last year Dreamworks Animation acquired Classic Media Inc., which owns the rights to several classic television cartoons, including Rocky and Bullwinkle.  I was at Costco yesterday and noticed that Classic Media just released the old Jackson 5 TV series on Blue Ray, and it was on sale there for $22.00.  I almost bought it!  Dreamworks Animation has plans for the future, including building a theme park in China.

Dreamworks Animation has fallen out of favor with Wall Street it seems.  People who owned it when I was looking at it at $30 per share who have held onto it must really hate it now that it dipped below $16 a share today.  However, to some fresh, unbiased eyes, this company looks like it could be ripe pickings for either Disney or Apple.  Disney is headquartered in Burbank, CA, but has holdings in nearby Glendale, where Dreamworks is located.  Disney right now distributes films for Dreamworks Pictures.  Bob Iger, Disney's chairman (who also sits on the board of Apple) likes to buy attractive deals for low money- Iger could buy this company for less than what he paid for the Star Wars franchise and for half of what he paid for Pixar).  Apple could even do a joint venture with Disney on this one, with each buying a stake in Dreamworks.  NBC Universal ( a division of Comcast Corp) uses some of the Dreamworks characters in its theme park attractions in Hollywood and Orlando, and could also benefit from purchasing Dreamworks.  It's a slam-dunk, no-brainer at the current price.   You watch, somebody's going to make a bid for this company soon!  Any of these 3 companies that I have mentioned could buy Dreamwork Animation, but Apple might have the easiest time of it.

For Apple, buying Dreamworks Animation (or at least investing in them) would definitely shut up (at least temporarily) some of Apple's critics. I cannot see a downside to it (other than it might mess up its relationship with Disney, which has a value all its own).  The bottom line, Apple could buy any of the other companies that I have mentioned here if they really wanted to, but perhaps these very smart folks in Cupertino, CA have some secret plans that none of us can figure out- a clear path that will cause all jaws to drop when revealed,  part of a hand that Steve Jobs and his inner circle have never shared with anyone before, and maybe all that cash is needed for that purpose.  We will see......

Friday, June 15, 2012

Idiot Reporter Interrupts President Obama Today

Today while President Obama was making a speech at the White House regarding a new immigration policy which I believe he is calling the "Dream Act", a reporter started shouting a question at him while interrupting the speech. The President asked the reporter to not interrupt him. What nerve some of these fools have nowadays! To interrupt the President during a speech is unheard of. It really shows that people today are really crazy! It does not matter whether you agree with Obama's policies- people have to show respect! That is the problem with society today in America (and maybe in the whole world)- some people think that they can just do what they want, when they want. It's not just reporters and politicians, either- you can see it everywhere- from people who cross the street whether or not there is a crosswalk to people who curse in their conversation irregardless of the children and women standing next to them in the grocery store. People are crazy! Sometimes I wish that I could slap some sense into some of these fools!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

One Big Thing Wrong With The Economy

One huge thing wrong with the U.S. economy right now is that the tax rate charged by the U.S. government is too low, and has been since George W. Bush lowered taxes right after he was elected. Back in 2000 when Bush lowered taxes, my income was about $50,000 for the previous year. After Bush enacted those tax cuts, I got roughly $200 in a tax refund due to the cuts. Rich people, those making millions, got back much more, because the cuts were larger for them.

for my money, the government could have just kept that money. Ihe government had a surplus when Bill Clinton left office, and I didn't need that money. President Bush back then encouraged people to go out and spend that money, in an effort to stimulate the economy.

The following year, America declared war on Iraq. Instead of selling war bonds or raising taxes back to what they were under Clinton, taxes stayed low. The government was underfunded. This has continued up to now, because Obama did not allow the Bush tax cuts to expire when he had the chance.

I believe that Some areas where money is bleeding from the U.S. government need to be cut. Unemployment benefits need to be cut back.

Medicare payouts need to be much more closely restricted. I think that any and all payments to anyone through Medicare need to be made only after the Medicare recipients complete a notarized form which is sent to them directly from Medicare where they approve of the charges and certify that the benefits are legitimate and approved by them. These statements need to be audited randomly my the Medicare administration. No payments should ever be made through Medicare without this form. The form could be signed by the Medicare beneficiary or by that person's court-approved Conservator of the Person or similar person with medical Power of Attorney.

That is what I think. There are many areas of government that need reeling in. I believe that more crooks are making money from government abuses than people in genuine need. We need to stop it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Best Gift For Christmas? A iPad!

I have discovered that the best gift that you can get anyone over 18 for Christmas is an iPad! if you have elderly parents, I believe that it is the best gift. Why? Well, you can load it with pictures that you know your parents will enjoy. You can also load it with the music that you parents like. You can show them how easy it is to use. They can read books(many are free) and they can entertain themselves with YouTube. they can also take pictures!

So I highly recommend the iPad by Apple as the number one choice for a Christmas gift.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Favorite New Show: "Revenge" on ABC

My favorite new television show this season is "Revenge" on the ABC Television Network. This show was created by Mike Kelley. Why do I like this show? Because: the writing is excellent. The villains are crafty, nasty and mostly beautiful. It takes place in the Hamptons- a lush setting. The story is simple- a woman is getting revenge against all the people in town who helped to destroy her father (and therefore helped to ruin her life).

The acting in this show is really great, too. One of the most beautiful women that I ever have seen, Madeline Stowe, also stars on the show as the main woman to whom the revenge is being directed.

This show is a must-see! Visit to instantly watch episodes of this show!