Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Do We Need Now? More Taxes, Of Course!

It's kind of amazing what's going on with the Republican leaders in America. In California, Arnold Schwarzenegger (a Repulican) says that California needs to reduce the over $15 billion deficit, by cutting spending across the board. Of course, that means cutting jobs in all areas, including teachers. The Democrats feel that teachers and other key positions should not be cut, and that taxes need to be raised to shrink that deficit. It came out recently (again) that not only is the U.S. behind several countries in Math (we're like 24th place), but California isn't doing so hot against other states in Education, either. The governor says that he is for Education. Then why is he letting it be cut? To put out that deficit fire, you need some revenues. Frankly, I don't care if they raise sales tax or not. I heard that the governor is apprehensive about that, because it might cause people to stop spending on other things, and slow down California's economy. Guess what, Governor? I've already slowed my spending down as much as I can, and raising the sales tax by a penny won't kill me, especially compared to how much the gas increases killed me during the last few months. I'll say this: the Governor seems confused. Does he really want to cut that $15 billion, or not? If you cut spending, you'll still have that deficit, and it will grow, with interest. In order to put it out, you need to throw some tax revenue at it. Period. Unless you can harness the sun power to pay it off, it ain't gonna go away without raising taxes.

In Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigos (a Democrat) said initially that the city would cut jobs across the board except for police, which was scheduled to increase jobs due to the need. After a little discussion, it was worked out that perhaps nobody would lose their jobs in Los Angeles after all, because they found a way to fund more police and keep the current jobs. The solution? To raise the amounts that they charge on parking meters, and to increase the number of hours that the meters are monitored. All of this hasn't kicked in yet, but I imagine that they will make more money this way. The party-going nightsters will fund the extra police and the other city jobs. Good work, Villaraigosa.

In the broader United States of America, John McCain says that he will not raise taxes at all, despite the biggest U.S. government deficit ever. Instead, he says that he'll increase the tax breaks to the corporations and to the wealthiest Americans. Lowering the deficit was never anything that concerned George W. Bush, and apparently it does not worry McCain, either, who is rich himself (and his wife is really, really rich). There's one thing that I really don't understand: how anybody who's poor can vote Repulican in this election. I see a lot of homes that have been foreclosed on. I know that a lot of people are out of jobs, in both political parties. I'm sorry, but you can't tell me that giving rich people more tax breaks is going to trickle down to make me being better off. What' I've seen is that giving tax breaks to the rich and to the corporations has caused them to invest in new factories- in other cournties. Whole industries are moving their buildings and headquarters to China. The rich are learning Chinese, buying real estate in China, and putting more money in other currencies. I've seen benefits being taken away from Americans. The jobs that are created in America are Starbucks, McDonalds. There's a plethora of people selling insurance in America. All I know is, the Democrats will raise the taxes if Barack Obama is elected, but it will only be on the super rich (who make way more than I do), so I'm not concerned that my taxes will go up. Hell, I'd want that threat that the rich have- taxes,because that would mean that I was rich!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paris Hilton for President? She Slams McCain in this video!

I so love Paris Hilton ever since she got out of jail. I mean, she's really done her best to be a role model for how to recover from disaster gracefully. When the McCain campaign thought that they could bring down Obama by comparing his celebrity to hers (like it was a bad thing), she turned the tables on BOTH campaigns, really, by coming up with her own sound policy to solve America's energy problem- check out this video. Paris is running for President? Why not? If Barack can learn as he goes along, why not Paris? And she's not old....Check out this video.
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