Monday, April 13, 2009

Words That I Hate: "In This Economy..."

I am so sick and tired of the cliche words used so often on television by news reporters and other people who are trying to sound smart: "In this economy...." These people are so....tired and played out. Can't they think of something more positive to say, or more original? I used to like the news, but now I don't like it so much, because people keep on using those same old dumb words. "In this economy..."

Let's turn it into something fun and exciting.

"In this economy, there are lots of wonderful opportunities to be discovered."

"In this economy there are thousands of people who are thriving..."

"In this economy, now's the time to load up on stocks that you've always wanted and could never really afford. Disney looks really good at the current price..."

"In this economy there are hundreds of people who will decide to start their own damn businesses...."

Now, let's just take away the words "in this economy" and substitute "right now":

"Right now there are lots of wonderful opportunities to be discovered. Right now there are thousands of people who are thriving. Right now is the time to load up on your favorite stocks, like Disney. Right now there are hundreds of people who will decide to start their own damn businesses". Sounds a lot better than all that negative shit that you hear on the news and from politicians.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Geico Gecko Commercials

I'm gonna do this dude in my acting class, so I'm putting some of these Geico Gecko commercials here so I can study them for practice.

Put Your Money in Google Now!

I just looked at the top of my Google page today when I signed in to notice a message about something named "CADIE". Artificial intelligence has come to Google in a big way- you should go to their website and read about this! Google even has an application that can be used with your iPhone or Blackberry that can help you to remember things that are on the "tip of your tongue". Google's computer somehow communicates with your brainwaves through your phone, and helps you to remember things (things which you have memorized). This whole thing is amazing, and kind of scary, too.

It's not surprising that Google is coming to the forefront in this area- they have hired so many smart people at that company, after all.

Did you know that this CADIE has also started blogging? Check out to see her blog. Remember, she's a thinking computer which actually can do things, and is conscious of herself!

Captain Eo Video From Disneyland Starring Michael Jackson

This is the Captain Eo Video that was once shown at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. It stars Michael Jackson, and was produced by George Lucas, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. It was also produced by Walt Disney Imagineering. The top is Part 1, the bottom is Part 2.