Monday, January 31, 2011

More sleep will make you more healthy

Researchers says that getting more sleep each night will make you healthier and happier. This seems logical, since I know that when I don't get enough sleep I tend to be slower and wish that I could go back to bed and get more sleep.

People who get more sleep are said to heal faster, think more clearly and have less stress. People who exercise regularly find it more easy to fall asleep, and tend to sleep longer.

I'm getting sleepy now, so it's time for bed.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Watching "Oprah" Tonight

I wasn't going to watch TV tonight- Saturday night, but at the last minute I decided to turn on the TV and watch "Saturday Night Live". When I turned on the TV it was on KABC-TV Channel 7 in Los Angeles, and I was going to turn to channel 4, but when I turned on the TV I saw Oprah, and realized shortly after that it was the show where Oprah is discussing discovering her long-lost sister that she never knew that she had, Patricia.

This particular Oprah show is so powerful- probably the most powerful Oprah show that I've ever seen- because you can really feel the desire of this woman Patricia to discover her real Mom and her real family- without realizing until later that Oprah was part of her family.

Patricia tries to contact her birth mother, but her birth mother refuses to see her or talk to her. Patricia reaches out to her deceased sister's daughter, and they take a DNA test and discover that there's an 85% match- so they are related.

What's great about this show is that Oprah's family's reaction to realizing that Patricia was the family member that they never knew they had- and that she resembled Oprah's deceased sister, Pat, so much.

Also heartening is the fact that Oprah is fighting back tears during this whole show. It's an amazing show, and if they give Emmys for great television, then Oprah should get one for this show, because I'll never forget this episode. Talk about family secrets- it's got every bit of the drama that I've seen in movies like "The Color Purple" or "Beloved". It's one of those shows that'll make you go, "Wow!" Amazing.

I hope that Oprah will do more specials and other shows featuring herself on her new network (OWN) once "The Oprah Winfrey Show" comes to an end.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going Through The Mail

Mail is so interesting. I got a letter from a Natural History Museum in New York that says that they miss me and want me back. I have never been a member!

RCI is asking me to deposit my vacation weeks. Not right now, thank you.

MDA wants money. Sorry, my money is at an all-time low.

Chase wants me to open a checking and saving account, and they will give me $125. No thank you, I like my credit union.

Disney Movie Club has movies. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. I will go online and decline.

I got something from the Claims Administrator regarding Apple Inc. Securities Litigation. I know that I don't have much Apple Inc. stock- maybe one share. A valuable share, though. I'll read this litigation stuff later.

Food and Wine gift from American Express- no thank you.

Democratic National Committee: no, I'm not in the mood. No money either. Ok, well I read it. Maybe I'll renew with $5 or so soon.

The Economist Magazine. Good deal. I need money.

VISA card application. NO!

Forbes Magazine offer for $10. Can't afford it. Don't need it.

My timeshare fees are due. Too bad for them. No money right now.

I owe Disney movie club $171. Oh, my! No money. I'll work on that one.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Larry Hagman coming to "Desperate Housewives"

I just saw "Desperate Housewives" tonight, and on the preview for next week, we see that Lynette's mother is engaged to a character played by Larry Hagman, of "Dallas" fame. In the preview, Lynette's mother says that she is marrying him because "he's loaded".

I'm excited about this, because Larry Hagman is a great actor, and played my favorite TV character of all-time, JR Ewing on "Dallas". He could be really interesting on this show!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

My New Year's Goals 2011

I have one goal this year: to accomplish more good things this year than in any other year of my life. To accomplish big goals and several smaller goals.

1. To write a screenplay and register it with WGA.

2. To read 24 books.

3. To see 100 films.

4. To open a new business that I love.

5. To pay off my Discover Card (because it's the Credit Card that I hate most. Macy's is a close second).

6. To expand my income phenomenally.