Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dreamworks Animation Stock is up a lot since I blogged about it in February!

Well since the last time I blogged on this blog (way back in February), Dreamworks Animation's stock price has gone way up- majorly.  I was saying that maybe Disney should buy it- but it's a lot more expensive now!  YOU should've bought some!  I did go ahead and buy some for a relative whose investment portfolio I manage- and I hope that she's grateful!

Anyway, I am so tired of politics that I don't think that I'll blog about it much anymore.  Besides, most people know how to think for themselves on that topic.  I also think that for the most part people can see and recognize idiots.  And people know when they themselves are lying, when they are burying their own heads in the sand, and someone if full of shit.  So I'm not about trying to convince anyone of anything like that anymore. Count me out.

I will, however, make up characters and tell stories of folks who might find themselves in moral dilemmas.  That's interesting always- to create these scenarios for others to chew on. I myself cannot wait until I complete a private project that I am almost done with, so that I can begin writing screenplays.  I have lots of inspiration around me here in Los Angeles- I always meet spectacularly talented screenwriters!  Most are friendly and helpful to the aspiring screenwriter. I hope to take advantage of their gifts of advice.

Anyway,  it is late and I am sleepy.  I am going to bed now!