Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Best Gift For Christmas? A iPad!

I have discovered that the best gift that you can get anyone over 18 for Christmas is an iPad! if you have elderly parents, I believe that it is the best gift. Why? Well, you can load it with pictures that you know your parents will enjoy. You can also load it with the music that you parents like. You can show them how easy it is to use. They can read books(many are free) and they can entertain themselves with YouTube. they can also take pictures!

So I highly recommend the iPad by Apple as the number one choice for a Christmas gift.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Favorite New Show: "Revenge" on ABC

My favorite new television show this season is "Revenge" on the ABC Television Network. This show was created by Mike Kelley. Why do I like this show? Because: the writing is excellent. The villains are crafty, nasty and mostly beautiful. It takes place in the Hamptons- a lush setting. The story is simple- a woman is getting revenge against all the people in town who helped to destroy her father (and therefore helped to ruin her life).

The acting in this show is really great, too. One of the most beautiful women that I ever have seen, Madeline Stowe, also stars on the show as the main woman to whom the revenge is being directed.

This show is a must-see! Visit to instantly watch episodes of this show!