Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rude Customer Leaves Waitress $50,000 and a Car In His Will

She made sure his food was as hot as he wanted, even if it meant he burned his mouth. And she smiled through his demands and curses. The 89-year-old Walter "Buck" Swords obviously appreciated it, leaving the waitress $50,000 and a 2000 Buick when he died.

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What I Will Give Myself For New Year's

For this January, I'm going to give myself something that I haven't had for about 8 years- a flat, washboard stomach.

I only had a flat, washboard stomach only once, ever, and it only lasted for about a month. It took a lot of exercise, lots of sacrifice and discipline to get it. I looked and felt good. You just have to eat a little bit, whenever you do eat. You get to eat more than 3 times a day, though....And you have to exercise at least 4 or 5 times a week, minimum.

I lost my washboard (and gained more pounds) after I got sick, which was terrible. I caught the flu and/or a bad cold, and I started eating whatever, whenever to make myself feel better (comfort food will get you if you don't watch out, when you are watching what you eat). It was hard for me to go back to the exercise and eating regimen.

I will do it. You will see.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Trying to Stay Current

I got an email today from my uncle, a spoof on "It's a Wonderful Life", and featuring a cartoon George W. Bush. It's really funny. The website that it came from is called "". I just subscribed to it. It's cool because it will help me achieve a goal- to become more informed about what's going on in the U.S. and the world- to just be smarter.

Just go to and check it out.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

So Paris Hilton's Grandpa is Willing 97% To Charity...

And people are saying that it's a slight to Paris Hilton. Well, I say that's absolute "poppycock".

First of all, Paris' Grandpa, Barron Hilton, is worth about $2.3 billion now. When he dies, he might be worth more, or he might be worth less, but at today's prices, that still means that $69 million will be left to family- enough for most families to never want for anything. Even if Grandpa leaves his granddaughters nothing, they will still thrive.

Besides, that money going to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation will benefit people all over the world. It is "giving back", which is an essential thing to do during one's lifetime. Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky will still be wealthy. Hopefully for them, they will also be able to say that they made their own millions (or billions) as well, on their own (I think that Paris can claim to have made 'millions' already).

Since getting out of jail, Paris has turned into a different person. Can you see it? Life seems to have more meaning to her now- at least, that's my perception. She announced that she herself was going to get involved with charities and good causes. I think that it is noble of her to try.

Even Warren Buffet is going to leave the vast majority of his money to charity when he dies- and he's got family that he could leave it all to. However, money does not breed character- becoming a wealthy heir might be nice, but any idiot can inherit money. Earning your own is key.

Becoming a master at something, a success, will ensure your happiness and prosperity, as many weatlhy people will tell you. Money is a by-product of success that some people have learned to live with, after all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Great Christmas

I had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. I admit, shopping a few days earlier was a job, but I actually had fun doing it. I mean, I got to go down to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim on Saturday night, where I went inside California Adventure for one particular gift (for my Mother). I also went to a store called "Basin" that sells bath soaps and salts, where I bought a few other things. Earlier in the day I went up to Universal Studios, where I bought a "Shrek" plush toy for a toddler. I also bought a Lottery Ticket, since I was acutally inside Universal Studios and thought it would be cool if I won there, because they'd get some money, too, and I'd be on TV.

Anyway, on Christmas Eve, we had a great dinner. Jaime cooked a turkey with dressing and candied yams, and we also had cranberry sauce. Jaime's brother Adrian came over with his family of 4, my sister Julie came over with her friend, my Mother came over, and our friend Juana Maria came over with her 3 kids. It was a full house, and the food was really good. There was just enough food for everyone. Later on in the evening, Jaime and I went to visit his brother Rigoberto, where we had a few cups of coffee and some more food.

Christmas day was nice. We woke up late, and mainly just stayed home and watched TV. My Mom came over around 4PM and cooked a pork roast, along with a few other things. Julie came over also with her friend. It was a delicious dinner (it is truly rare, for me anyway, to have 2 home cooked meals that good, back-to-back). We watched "The Simpsons Movie" and "Fiddler on the Roof" on television. Tonight the adults opened their Christmas gifts, and everyone was happy afterward.

I will enjoy the rest of this year. I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas, and that we all have a safe, friendly, and comfortable week.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Trip To Disneyland Resort (10 days ago)

2 posts ago, I mentioned that I couldn't wait to spend 2 nights at the Disneyland Resort. I went with my pal Jaime. We stayed at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. We had a nicely located room (although it was quite a walk), overlooking one of the entrances to the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney. We had a little drama- Jaime was suffering from asthma, and ran out of his inhaler medicine (Albuterol, I think it's called). Eventually, he woke me up and told me that he couldn't breathe (at 4AM), and I called the front desk to ask for advice. They said that they would connect me to the resort 911 operator. The person there said that they would send a nurse and the paramedics to the room. About 5 minutes later, they arrived, and immediately began to work on Jaime. The nurse gave him oxygen and Abuteol. The paramedics also gave him more oxygen and more abuterol, and everybody took his pulse. The paramedics wanted to take Jaime, but he said no. You might not believe this, but the Disney nurse and the Disney security guard actually helped turn a potentially tragical experience into a magical one. In the end, Jaime was able to sleep for a few more hours.

Room Service came with breakfast at 9:30AM. It was a little pricey, but worth it because of the convenience, and they did give nice portions of coffee and orange juice. The food was good, too.

Jaime was still having trouble breathing, so he phoned his doctor's office, but could not reach the doctor. Jaime suggested calling an asthma clinic that he had signed up for recently, and they told him that he could come in and be seen. I drove him to the clinic in Long Beach, where they evaluated him. Afterward, a lady told me that I should immediately take him to a hospital emergency room, because he had less than 22% lung capacity. I said OK, and I drove him straight to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital (which is one location where they said that he wouldn't have a bill if he got treated there). After a few hours, some oxygen and some antibiotics, Jaime felt better, but tired.

It was now Monday evening. We decided to drive back down to Disneyland Resort, and make the best of the rest of our time. We went into Disneyland and dined at the French Market, where we could see the show, "Fantasmic". We then saw the fireworks show, "Believe in Holiday Magic". Then we rode the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride, and then we went on "It's a Small World". To round out the night, we walked to Main Street and went to the Blue Ribbon Bakery, and got some cookies. I got a warm egg nog, which was delicious. Back at our room at the Grand Californian, we relaxed a little. Jaime fell asleep quickly after showering. I went out to the lobby downstairs to read my book, "Save the Cat", by the fireplace. After about 10 minutes, I found myself fighting to stay awake. After 5 more minutes, I went back upstairs and went to bed.

The next day, we woke up and got ready to check out of the hotel. We took a tour of the Disney Vacation Club, where we were greeted by one of the best Vacation Club Guides around, Nelida (whom I used to work with). After our brief meeting, we went to Disneyland Park aboard the Monorail. We rode a few rides, and we ate at Cafe Orleans before heading home (we stayed at the Park for about 2 hours).

Although we had some unexpected ills in our trip, we made the most of it, and still managed to have a magical time at Disneyland!

Monday, December 24, 2007

More People are Defaulting On Credit Card Payments. Surprised?

On the news today, I hear that more people are late on paying their credit cards off. It's happening to more and more people. This, in addition to the people who are having their homes foreclosed.

Congress only a few months ago passed that bill to make all credit card purchases stick to you, even if you file for bankruptcy.

People, listen to me- be careful about your credit card spending. Credit card companies, when they first approach you, seem oh-so friendly. If you have been paying all your bills on time, they are probably very friendly toward you, offering you new deals to get more of your business. They will keep on offering you more, and if you take it every time, you will surely become a victim. The minute you are late with a payment, you will suddenly find that your relationship with the credit companies has deteriorated. You will all of a sudden be charged unbelievably high interest rates, and on top of that, you'll have late fees, upon which interest will grow as well. Should you fall behind, they will bury you with fees and interest. Knowing this, you have to realize that using credit cards is risky, and a game that the credit card companies hope to bury you.

The rule is: don't get buried. Pay them off. Don't spend with them if you can avoid it. Pay cash. If you must use credit cards, have a plan to pay them off. They are tools only, to be used in a financial management plan.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Can't Wait Til Next Sunday

I can't wait for my next little getaway, which will be a 2-night stay at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. Next Sunday, my partner and I will spend a couple of nights and days at Disneyland. It should be a lot of fun- I have never stayed there for the holidays, so it's gonna be new to me. (I actually used to WORK there for the holidays, and I must say, it was a very cool and unique experience!) I know that the theme parks are going to be crowded, but that's OK, because we'll have the room to come back to and rest. The Grand Californian is a beautiful hotel, and the Disneyland Resort has lots of good food places to choose from. Inside the Grand is the Storyteller's Cafe, where my favorite thing to eat is the Corn Chowder. Mmmmm. I will definitely be having that.

Oh, well, it's time to go to bed. I didn't just randomly pull up this topic- today I opened my mail and found the confirmation from Disney Vacation Club about my reservation for next week. I'm so excited.

So, until next time, sweet dreams.

Friday, December 07, 2007

I feel the need to post tonight...

I don't really think that I have that much to say tonight, except to reflect a little and not gry to be too profound....

I am about to go to bed. Thursday 12/6/07 was a very busy day for me. I drove to Van Nuys, CA, then to Echo Park, then through Hollywood, on to El Segundo, and then home. I had a pretty good day financially- not a great day, but I feel good about it. I got things accomplished. And I did sell a membership to Pre-Paid Legal. So overall I feel good about today.

I sold something on my Ebay store today. I feel really good about that. I have 3 sales so far, and I only opened the store about 2 weeks ago. I've only listed 5 things for sale so far, and sold more than half. So I feel good. I don't really think about it too much, though, unless I do sell something. I want to put some Disney pins that I have up for sale. I should be able to sell those, because I have some really good ones, and people are freaking INSANE about Disney pins.

It's raining now. I can hear it falling outside. It's past midnight here.

Why is my life so complicated? Or is it? Do I choose to make it so? Is there an easier way? What am I doing wrong? Am I starting to do things right? I'm hungry.

Well, I'm not really hungry. But the thought of a cheesburger does make me get excited right now. But I am on a self-imposed diet of healthy food- salads, fruit, stuff like that. It has only been 3 days, but I feel a little better. I've got to get rid of this disgusting big belly that I've maintained since I turned 40. I will lose it, and get a six pack better than most 20 year olds.

I want to fly away, on a plane...a United Airlines plane, to Minnesota, or Seattle. I want to go for a walk in a park in one of the cities in those states. I want to see how other people live.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Life is Hard

I tell you, since the mortgage business has slowed down so much, it has made it nearly impossible for me to survive being a full-time Mobile Notary. I mean, it really sucks right now. I hate to have to say it (and do it), but I might have to just give it up and find a full-time job. I need more business. If anyone is reading this, and you've ever thought about subscribing to Netflix, then do me a big, huge favor, please. Subscribe to Netflix from my Hollywood Notary.Net site. I will get a decent commission, and you will get a great service in Netflix. I really need the money right now. Do me a favor, too. If you should sign up from my site, email me at my contact email address on my site and let me know that you've signed up so that I can make sure that they pay me a commission. ( I've already caught them twice not paying me for sign-ups).

Other than that, I just opened an Ebay Store called "Babycito-Disneyana". I feature Disney stuff. We will see how that goes.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Meeting Chandra Wilson and A Party with Hillary Clinton!

If Friday Nov. 16 was cool, Saturday Nov. 17th was even better, for several reasons. For one, I made more money on Saturday. I got one call from someone who needed a notary, so I had him drive to me at my Mom's house, and I notarized for him right then and there. That was around 3:15PM.

At this point, I already had 2 things scheduled- an appointment at 5PM to notarize for a lady in Echo Park, and an open appointment for sometime in the afternoon, nothing specific. I also knew of something that I had no expectations for- something that I knew might be happening, but that I wasn't planning on really doing. I'll explain.

My Mom called me around 11AM, and said that our neighbor, Stacy, called her and told her that Hillary Clinton was going to be in our neighborhood around 3PM, at a party at a neighbor's home. I thought, "Cool!". But I didn't know if I would only be able to go and stand around and hope to get a glimpse of her going into the neighbor's home, or what. I wasn't invited. I wasn't sure if Stacy was invited, but since this party took place at a doctor's home, and since Stacy's husband was a retired doctor, I thought that maybe if I hung with Stacy that I might get it.

I went to see my Mom in the afternoon around 2PM. I was leaving to go to Chef Marilyn's on Crenshaw for some lunch, when I got an idea: I turned the car around and parked again. I rang Stacy's door and I asked her about Hillary. She told me that she got an invitation, and that my Mom could go, and that I could probably go, too. I wasn't sure that I would try to go, since I did have 2 appointments coming up soon.

So, after I was done notarizing for the guy at around 3:30PM, I decided to go to the party and see if I could get in. On the way, I ran into 2 old ladies who I had met at the block party about 16 months ago. They were walking to the party. One of them said that she wasn't all that wild for Hillary Clinton. I told her that I loved Hillary Clinton. The old lady told me that I needed to support Barack Obama. I said that I loved Hillary ever since I read "Living History", and that I thought that Obama was pretty good, but not as good as Hillary. The old lady told me that she wasn't going to talk to me. I followed the old ladies to the table where there was registration to get into the gate to go into the house. I was not on the list, but I made like I was with them, and I followed those old ladies straight into the event. Once I was all the way safely in, two young ladies asked me if I wanted to volunteer to work for Hillary Clinton. I said that I might be interested in doing something later, so they got my name and number. Then I walked to the area where everyone was (and where the food was). I saw Stacy and my Mom, and another neighbor, Mrs.Eves. They were all surprised to see me.

I looked around to spot the food, and then I noticed somebody I knew- it was Chandra Wilson from Grey's Anatomy, wearing a pretty white dress. I HAD to meet her, but as I waited for a bit, because she was deep in conversation with another lady, and I didn't want to butt in. In the meantime, I told my Mom about her. My Mom was like, "Where is she?" I was like, "We're standing right next to her". Then my Mom saw her, and started saying, "Oh, my God! Oh, my God!". I told my Mom, "Dont' do that. Not here." I had to wisk Mom away for a bit, so that she could calm down, and gain some composure. I went and got myself some snacks, and afterward I got a chance to introduce myself to Chandra. "Hi, I'm David", I said. I told her that I enjoyed her on the show. Then I introduced her to my Mom. It was cool. My Mom could barely talk. Chandra was nice and really pretty.

The food at the party was pretty good. They had something like a vegetarian sushi, and some crab cakes. I ate about 19 crab cakes, and I had about 5 cups of coffee. They also had various desserts.

I ran into an ex co-worker, Ingrid, who used to be a sales representative at Fed Ex when we both worked for the company in Sun Valley, CA. I gave her one of my business cards because she needs a Notary. The last time I saw Ingrid, it was at the Angelus funeral home, about 2 years ago. It was nice to see her.

I "donated" $20 to Hillary's campaign, and I received 2 Hillary campaign pins.

I also noticed Telma Hopkins, who used to be with Tony Orlando and Dawn, and Chaka Khan at this party. There were other actresses there that I did not know. I'm glad that I went. There was a live band playing. Alcholol was being served, but I chose not to drink since I had work to do soon.

Around 5:10PM, I saw a tall, pretty girl whom I did not know, and we began to talk when she got a call on her blackberry. She answered it and she told me that Hillary was calling, and that they were lost. I asked where they were. She told me that they were on Adams. She talked some more, and then she told me that they were on Buckingham and Washington. Well, I knew that they couldn't get to us except for one way, since our neighborhood is a gated community. This young lady started asking people she knew about directions, and none of them knew. I told her that I knew the area, so she asked me to follow her, and I gave her directions, and she read the directions to Hillary over the phone. Hillary was being driven to the house in a black SUV, with an escort from the Highway Patrol. I was glad to do my part for the next President of the United States. After I gave the directions, it was announced 5 minutes later that Hillary had arrived. After much fanfare and speeches from Maxine Waters and the hosts of the party, Hillary Clinton took to the stage.

I had never seen Hillary in person, but she was really interesting. She spoke about repairing America's image and America's relationships with other nations around the world. She spoke about giving every American healthcare. She spoke about improving schools, about mentoring young people. She spoke about creating leaders. When Hillary finished her speech, it was 5:55PM, and I had to leave for my first appointment, which I had rescheduled to 6PM(of course, I called to tell the guy that I'd be there at about 6:30PM instead). Hillary started to take audience questions, but I had to leave. My Mom left with me, and as we walked out, we were given little goodie bags. I escorted my mom past the Secret Service, police and highway patrol, and we walked to our street. I got in my car, and, in a bunch of traffic, slowly made my way for East L.A.

Friday Was Fun- The Fairest Day Of Them All

Wow, what an busy and exciting 2 days I've had! On Friday, Nov. 16th, I went to an event at Disneyland that I'd paid for about 3 weeks ago. It was a little celebration of the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", put on by the Disneyland Resort to celebrate the movie's 70th anniversary. The fun started as I got close to the entrance of Disney's California Adventure. There was a registration table, and I showed my ID and I was given an apple-shaped lanyard to wear to identify me as a guest of the event. Once inside, I went to Stage 12 to see the special items that they were selling at the event. I wound up buying only an event mug, and an event pin (the mug was not in stock- it is being shipped to me in about a month). There was also an Artist Signing, but I didn't make it over to that, but that was OK, because I really didn't buy anything large enough to sign. Next, at 5PM, I went to "Snow White's Soiree", a little party at Stage 17, where there were lots of hors d'ouvres and apple snacks. The hors d'ourves included shrimp, coconut-crusted chicken strips, and some potato-things. They also made a kind of "potion", consting of vodka, sprite, ice cubes and one of those colored fake light-up ice cubes.

I saw a lot of people that I knew at the event. Robert Tieman from the Disney Archives. Benji Breitbart, an old acquaintence who now works at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Felicia Roe , my friend from a Disney club that I'm in, the NFFC. Another guy who I'd seen before at an NFFC meeting in L.A., and who was visiting from New York and whose birthday it was. Robert Olszewski, whom I met years ago and whom I've seen and spoken with a few times since then. I said 'hi' and enjoyed meeting with all these people. I also met a few people that I'd never met before.

At 6:30PM, a panel discussion began. The panel included Roy Disney, Leonard Maltin, and John Lasseter. Also included were a curator of Snow White archives and the lady who was the model for the artists who drew Snow White. They also had old footage of the artists at work making the film. It was an interesting panel discussion. Roy talked about how his uncle Walt Disney used to tell him stories, and how Walt told the stories even better than the films did.

After the panel discussion came the movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" at the Hyperion Theater. The movie was introduced by John Lasseter, along with the Seven Dwarfs, Snow White and the Prince. Everyone enjoyed the movie.

After the movie, as everyone filed out of the theater, everyone exchanged a voucher and received an exact replica of the movie program that was handed out at the Carthay Circle Theater in Los Angeles at the movie's premier on December 21, 1937. It is a pretty cool program, and I'm going to keep it. I will, however, post pictures of it on another blog that I do.

After I left the theater, California Adventure was closed, so I went out of the gate, and walked to Downtown Disney to Napolini, a walk-up pizza place, and got a pepperoni pizza slice and a Coke for 8 bucks. Then I caught the tram back to the Mickey and Friends parking lot (there was a singing tram host- very entertaining).

When I got home, I unwrapped the special gift that they'd given to me upon my entrance to California Adventure. It was an Arribas Brothers glass apple, commemorating the event. I'll put that up on sometime.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nov. 14th is Mom's Birthday

Today was my Mom's birthday (well, it's past midnight now, but I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still the same day, on the plane that I live in). We went to a restaurant called "Off Vine", on Delongpre St. in Hollywood. It's a nice, quiet, restaurant, built inside of an old house in Hollywood. I like the music there- they play a lot of cool songs from the '50's- not rock 'n roll, but more like Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Dinah Shore...stuff like that. Old classics, with big bands behind the singers. The meals were nice, but pricey....Mom says that we should have just gone to "Pinks" on La Brea near Melrose....we'll do that one night soon- just watch TV, like "Ugly Betty", and eat hot dogs.

Today earlier on TV, I saw a commercial with the lady who used to play "Reba the Mail Lady" on "Pee-Wee's Playhouse". It's funny how many people from Pee Wee Herman's old show are now big TV and movie stars. I mean, Lawrence Fishburne was "Cowboy Curtis"?

I miss Annette Funicello. It was her birthday last month, but I didn't realize it until a day ago. I pray for her to get better...

I got a lot of Notary work today. I'm becoming a more creative advertiser....go Hollywood Notary.Net!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Whoopi Goldberg!

I just want to say 'Happy Birthday' to one of my favorite people, Whoopi Goldberg. This woman is so cool, I should have known that she was a Scorpio. I mean, that's the only sign I could ever picture her as, because she is so cool, and yet she will get you good eventually if you ever screw her over.

I like Whoopi because she expresses her views very intelligently, and she thinks very deeply about things. I like also that she doesn't let people just get away with saying just anything- she challenges people. I think that it's a good habit to think about what you say before you say it. I also like that she respects people, she listens to people, and while she may not always agree with you, she will offer you an intelligent counterpoint to whatever point you are trying to make. I don't know Whoopi and I don't think she's going to read this, but I'm just glad that Whoopi exists and that I can watch her on "The View" on ABC every morning during the week.

Whoopi's also a great actress. Over the years, her stand-up comedy, her theatrical one-woman shows, and her movies have entertained me so much over the years, and she's brought great joy and happiness to myself and my friends. I loved her in that movie, "The Associate". "Ghost" had me in tears, when she signed the wrong name on the check. I loved it when she opened the Oscars swinging from overhead, like Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge", dressed all sexy. It was funny and daring, and while lots of people didn't like it, or get it. I did, and I loved it, so I figure that she did it for the few wise people who would get it. I think that Hollywood is so full of haters, and she, for some reason, seemed to have a lot of haters in the Oscar audience that year. I love her spirit of independence. I get that chick.

So here's to you, Whoopi Goldberg, on your birthday!!! Happy Birthday, and many more!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

One of the Best Skits I've Ever Seen On TV - Carol Burnett version of "Gone with the Wind"

I just found this available on the net and I have to post it here for you, my dear reader. It's something that I audio-taped a long time ago, before video. With the advent of the internet and video on demand, I give you what was not possible before: Carol Burnett's version of "Gone with the Wind", which is entitled, "Went with the Wind". Enjoy Part 1.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Live and Learn

Earlier today I did something that might be unwise, or maybe it's just genius. It all starts with what I did yesteday (Thursday).

On Thursday, when the stock market was falling, I sold all 25 shares of Apple in my account. The stock's price went down further, and I bought it back when it was on the way back up- for about 3 dollars less than what I sold it for earlier in the day. Did I make much money? Not really.

Then came today (Friday). When I looked at the market in the morning, I saw that my stocks were falling again, only slightly. I kind of panicked, and sold all the Apple stock again. Later on, after thinking about it, I thought that I'd done kind of a stupid thing. I thought about buying back all 25 shares again, but then I stopped myself. Why not simply buy back 10 shares, and then stand back, and see what happens. I figured, if Apple stock goes down after I buy these 10, then I will have extra money to buy the other 15 that I want for cheaper. And if Apple goes up way past the price I bought these 10 at, then fine- I'll just buy a cheaper stock that I believe in, like Disney (which, by the way, is going to pay a dividend of 31 cents really soon for every share you own). Either way, I'd be happy, because I want to own these stocks for the long-term.

Well, what happened today in the market after I bought the 10 shares of Apple? It went down, by over 10 dollars per share for the day, and about 6 dollars per share below the price that I paid for the 10 shares. How do I feel? Well, it's like I said- if it goes down, I have money to buy more stock, for cheaper.

Apple and Google are the two hottest stocks that you can own right now. No matter how crazy the economy is, or how much less the U.S.Dollar is compared to the Euro and the Canadian Dollar, Google and Apple are making money worldwide- all kinds of money- and the profits of both companies are going to be phenomenal. Google says that they are never going to split their stock- so- imagine if someday their stock is priced like Berkshire Hathaway- you would be one rich Mo Fo, even if you only have one share! I had 2 shares of Google until today. Now I have 3 shares!!!!

Now, a disclaimer- when I say that I have the stocks, they are all really my Mom's. I trade on her account.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting Into The Holiday Spirit Early

Well, today was a tough day. I did make some money- a little. I had one loan signing in Sunland this evening, and I did get to go to a swanky home in a nice part of Los Feliz in the early afternoon . I did watch "Dancing with the Stars" and saw my girl, Jane Seymour, get voted off (it would have happened eventurally anyway. Mel B is definitely going to win the whole thing, if not Marie Osmond!)

I went for a fast walk tonight in Hancock Park, for 25 minutes, so that I could think and get some exercise. (I didn't exercise last night). I'm trying to do better with my diet and with physical activity.

I want to spice up my blog a little, so here's something really fun that I love- a throw-back to the old MTV, something that was really cool back in the late 80's.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

More Money!

Today I feel that I was kind of fortunate. I got a call from a guy around 7PM tonight (Oct. 31), wanting me to come to Hollywood to notarize 4 documents. I said OK, I'd come at 8PM. I was doing laundry when he called, and I was a little out of it because the light was out in the laundry room, so after I had a chance to think about it, I called the guy back and asked if I could come at 8:15PM. He said OK. Then, while I was folding clothes, I thought about it, and decided that 8:45 would be best because I still had some clothes to fold and get out of the laundry.

On my way to Hollywood to meet my client at Borders bookstore on Sunset and Vine, I felt the sudden unfortunate need to use the bathroom. To do number 2. This was Halloween, though, and as I turned from Wilshire onto Rossmore to head north to Hollywood, I dreaded the slow, long line of cars in front of me- the dread of possibly having an accident- in my pants! I nervously turned the air conditioner on and off. I turned on the radio, then thought about the possible bad news, and turned it off. I didn't want to give my bowels any negative external stimuli. I was under the pressure of making it on-time to my appointment. I knew that the Borders bookstore did not have a restroom. My sudden solution- to get to Gold's Gym in Hollywood, where I could park my car and run into the restroom. I parked in their lot, and I ran to the gym. They scanned my ID, and I made my way into the restroom. Membership really does have its privileges.

You know what I did in that restroom. What a relief. So, ten minutes later, I called my client and told him of my dilemma, and advised that I would be there in 10 minutes. Surprisingly, I made it at 8:50 to my projected 8:45 appointment- not too bad.

My client, named Casey, is a writer, and I was able to notarize his documents for him. He was under a deadline- the Writer's Guild may go on strike at any time now, so that deal had to be signed before midnight. I asked Casey about his experiences as a screenwriter. I'm happy for him that he was able to write a screenplay, and then able to get it optioned. I aspire to such greatness. It turned out that he had 8 documents for me to notarize, so I got paid $95. A good Halloween take.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gonna Make Room

I decided today that I'm going to sell most of my compact discs. Not because I'm broke or anything- they're just in the way, and I believe that when you make room for more stuff to come into your life, it does. I honestly couldn't take on more stuff right now, because I really do have too much stuff. I don't even listen to most of the music that I have- it's all been in a closet at my Mom's place for months. So, I'm putting it all on iTunes now....and I will decide what to keep, but most of it will go. Except my Disney music- I have to have the CDs for those always....I've got a lot of DVD's, VHS videos, and CDs. I will keep all the Disney stuff, but most of the rest has got to go. I don't feel like putting it all on Ebay- too much work for me. Perhaps I'll just sell most of it locally on craigslist (or try, anyway). I realize that I should have been steadily putting all my music on this Mac ever since I got it!!! I enjoy getting rid of stuff- it's weird, but I'm enjoying cleansing myself of things that I really don't need....

I'll get with the times...

Today was an OK day for work. I went to a place where they help restaurants jazz up their menus. Sounds like a cool job. The head guy is a professional chef- a real big-shot. I'm glad I made some money today. I still need more money.

I called my lawyer today about Yellow Pages. Those people are real rip-offs- they use tricks to get people to sign up for stuf- they lie to you. I won't go into details right now, but suffice it to say, their sales people lie to you, get you signed up and then you'd be hard-pressed to ever get them on the phone again. Their performance for my business has been tremendously underwhelming.

My cousin, who's name starts with L, has a court date tomorrow. She's being evicted from her apartment because she's going on 3 months behind on the rent. Oh, well...that's another story. She's having trouble facing reality- I would have been moved to a cheaper apartment. I mean, paying $1,200 a month and living by yourself? In Los Angeles? I wouldn't attempt that if I made $20 an hour, let alone what she was making when she had a full-time job. Let's pray for her! Sometimes reality doesn't really hit you until you're losing everything and facing the street. It's hard in America now. People who make stupid mistakes in the current environment are facing truly harsh times.

Will the stock market fall this week? I mean- will it crash? This time of year traditionally sees terrible results for stocks. We will see.

Feelin' so good!!!

I'm still trying my darndest to get more Mobile Notary work here in Hollywood- but I've decided that I'm going to go ahead and get my adult acting career going on full-blast! I'm too creative to go back to working for somebody else!

My favorite show, for which I actually had the pleasure of visiting the set, is "Ugly Betty". I love that show. I've posted a picture of myself at a Halloween party with a new friend that I met (named Monique), who was disguised as Betty Suarez. Pretty good costume, huh?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Got Work Today!

Today I was fortunate- I got 2 notary jobs. The first one was a guy who's on a show on HGTV- a guy named Peter. He's on a show called "Mr. Fixer". He's a strapping, good-looking fellow.

The second job took place in Hollywood at Johnny Rockets at Hollywood and Highland. Nice guy who's going to be a prison warden or something.

Tried to upload pictures to my "My Magical Collection" blog. Problem with Blogger right now. I'll do it later.

Spent too much time looking at old clips of "HR Pufnstuf", "The Banana Splits", "Lidsville" and "The Bugaloos".

Ugly Betty was good tonight.

That's all. I leave you with this gem.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Picture

These are pictues of me, in case you wonder what I look like.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dancing with the Stars and Jane Seymour

One good thing about tonight was watching "Dancing with the Stars". Jennifer Lopez was really good. What really got my attention, though, was that Jane Seymour was in the bottom 2. I want her to go all the way and win- I think she's great and has performed well in all her dances. I have to admit that I didn't vote on Monday night, so I'm not going to let that happen again!

So Much Fire in California

The weather in California is really hot now.

As you must know, there's a lot of fires going on all over Southern California. Here in Los Angeles, it's really bad air for breathing. I have slight allergies, but it was enough to make me lethargic and not want to go outside. I took a 3 hour nap today, which is really uncharacteristic of me.

I hope that the weather changes here for the better soon. We need some cool air to come in from the ocean to stop the fires from spreading, and to help them to put out the fires.

I guess that maybe it's a good thing that Griffith Park had its big fire months ago- there's not so much to burn there. It would really be bad if we had another big fire within Los Angeles, while so much is going on in the rest of the State.

Fires are naturally occurring things in nature- I guess they are part of what that great Disney film referred to as, "the circle of life". Old things burn up, and are replaced by new life later on. Nature's way of making way for the new.

What we really need is some rain. Badly. Georgia needs rain, too. Let's pray for rain.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tired Now

I'm too tired to post to my other blogs tonight. I went to Disneyland for a few hours. It was so packed...crazy. I mainly just looked around and talked to a few friends that I used to work with. I bought a new annual pass. I also bought a beautiful light box based on the movie, "Beauty and the Beast".

Who makes better lemondade: Jamba Juice, or Hot Dog on a Stick?

In my opinion, Hot Dog on a Stick has the best lemondade out of anywhere else, period. The Jamba Juice lemondade is very strong, and it should be taken with caution. It makes me sweat- it's really strong. I've gone to 2 different Jamba Juice stores, and the results are the same- to me, that lemonade is a strong laxative. When I say strong, I mean, find a toilet- NOW! I won't be ever ordering that lemonade again.

That's all.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Bird

This is my bird. She's a parakeet. Her name is "Bird". She's really friendly towards people (she doesn't really like other parakeets). She can say "hi", but that's the only English she speaks. The rest is strictly parakeet language. I found her 2 years ago, walking in the bushes in front of my apartment building. When I noticed her, I went to get help from my roommate and we cornered her and captured her. We're sure that she belonged to someone and escaped. She's not very good at flying. She likes attention, and she's really smart- she eats when she notices us eating dinner at the table, and she goes to bed as soon as we cover her cage. She will even get on her swinging perch and go to bed herself if we forget to cover her cage or if we get home really late. Another funny thing about her is that she likes to "sleep in"- sometimes she won't wake up until we take the cover off her cage, especially on an overcast day. She's cute, huh? They say that having a pet like a dog or cat reduces stress. I think that the Bird fulfills that function.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why Do People Drive So Damn Fast On The Freeway?

In Los Angeles County in California recently, there have been some really bad traffic accidents. The first one, which was major, was a few days ago on the 5 freeway in the Newhall Pass, inside a tunnel that is a through-way for trucks. Picture this: you're driving a truck, say, and something happens- you have to stop, a tire blows, SOMETHING. Maybe another vehicle collides with you accidentally. Let's say this happens inside the tunnel. You are slowing down, drastically, for whatever reason, and somebody is behind you, like maybe only 20 feet, going 65 miles an hour. The person behind you hits you. Then a chain reaction of people hitting each other, because they're all going TOO FAST!!!! They surmise that 3 people died in that tunnel, and that perhaps 31 vehicles (30 trucks and one car) were involved (all vehicles burned).

Today in Lancaster, California, along highway 14, a sandstorm blew some sand on the highway, suddenly, and people couldn't see. What's the logical thing to do when you can't see where you're going? Slow down!!!! Slow and try to stop. What did some people do? Stop immediately. What did people behind them do? Keep going fast! And guess what? Another pileup, and 2 people dead, lots of people in the hospital.

Last weekend (October 7th) I drove back home to Los Angeles from Northern California. I can honestly say that all kinds of people were behind me, tailgating, because I wouldn't speed because I had my family in the car. Along Interstate 5, people drive really crazy, and they go way faster than the speed limit. Even with the speed limit, which at times is 70 miles per hour, the people seem to like to ride only 10 or 15 feet behind the car in front of them. This is very dangerous.

About 15 years ago, I was on vacation with a friend in Nashville. We had just turned onto the highway, to head 4 hours to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to go to Dollywood. We were riding about a mile on the highway when I noticed about a mile and a half up there seemed to be cars slowing or stopped. When I got closer, it appeared to me that the cars in front of me were crashing into each other! Cars behind me were coming up, speeding up to pass me! When we were almost up to the cars in front of me, I could see that there were definitely crashes. As people passed me, they began to crash into the cars in front. When I was almost up to the crashing cars, which were in the 3 left lanes, I had to act quickly. I turned sharply to the far right lane and floored it. The car beside us crashed into all the cars on my left. "Did you see that?", I asked Kelli. "Yes. Good driving, David". Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that not enough people scan the road ahead, and they go quickly into a disaster. People who speed and tailgate definitely are heading for destruction, either their own or leading to that of others. Everybody, take my advice and SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!!

New Projects

Today I started 2 new blogs that I'm excited about. One is My Magical Collection, a blog about the things that I collect (which includes Disneyana). Like Pee Wee Herman said, "Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer". No words could have been truer! I can appreciate something even more when I can look at a picture of it while sitting at my desk.

Another blog that I just started is "My Christmas Cards", which features Christmas cards that I (and my family) have received over the years. Christmas cards are so beautiful, it's a shame to throw them away- but I can't save everything, ya know! If I was super rich I suppose that I could decorate the walls of a mansion with framed Christmas cards. Alas, tis not presently the case.

Today I started reading the screenplay for the movie, "Pay It Forward", by Leslie Dixon, in my endeavor to become a screenwriter. I'm really paying attention to her style. I hope to be able to write as well as she does, with some practice. I've been listening to a book on CD called, "As A Man Thinketh", and I must say that it makes lots of sense- what you fill your mind with will directly produce what you do- what comes out of you. "Garbage in, garbage out" is something that I heard a year ago from someone, and it makes perfect sense. You have to aspire to be more and work at it in order to change yourself.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Christmas Time is Here (well, almost).

I went to OSH today (Orchard Supply Hardware, a division of Sears). I went to have a copy of a key made for my Mom. As I walked in I felt a rush of glee- I saw Christmas decorations and Chrsitmas accessories- near the checkout lines. It was cool- Christmas lites- indoor and outdoor, Christmas animals, Mickey Mouse Snowglobes, fake Christmas trees, and more. It was almost enough to make me forget what I came for, but it put me in a better mood. I do like Christmas time. I'm sentimental. Christmas is for kids, and I think that sometimes, I become a kid again. I remember the great food and great times of holidays past, when my family was much larger. When my Grandmother would cook the best Thanksgiving turkies, with gravy and cranberry sauce! I remember the turkey dressing. The good o'l cauliflower (with cheese, mmmm). How about candied yams, with marshmallows? And, of course, the desserts? In my family, kids even got a drink of wine (Manishevitz) around the holidays to go with the meal. Don't forget the oven-baked dinner rolls, with butter. And maybe some green beans or turnip greens with turnips for vegetables. How about egg nogg?

For dessert: pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, apple pie, tea cakes, rum balls, sock-it-to-me cake, pound cake, coconut cake, german chocolate cake.

I guess that Christmas for me brings back lots of memories of family and food. I don't really remember the toys so much, or the other gifts. The fun of the season was cool for me. After I got a little older, I just liked to watch the college and pro football games on TV (while school was out).

Funny how just walking into OSH can set off all those memories!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Timeshare at the Oak Plantation Vacation Ownership Resort in Kissimmee, Florida

I first bought a timeshare 11 years ago while on vacation in Orlando, Florida. I was invited to a presentation, where they offered me money- $50 - to go to a presentation to see "timeshares", something where you actually own a part of a vacation resort- you get a deed- and you agree that one particular week each year is for your use. The name of the timeshare was "The Oak Plantation Resort". When we arrived at the place (me and my friend and co-worker, Rose), we registered at the front desk at the Presentation Center at the Resort, and then they directed us to a table, which they said was ours, and they invited us to go over and grab some food that they had set out for guests. We walked over and grabbed some danishes, Yoplait Yogurt, coffee, cranberry juice, donuts, bagels and cream cheese. It was a decent free meal while we waited for our hostess. Finally she arrived, and she sat down and asked each of us what we did for a living, and our vacation habits, what we were doing on this vacation (Walt Disney World), and stuff like that.

Then we got a tour of the resort, which as not open yet for guests. From the Presentation Center we could see the pool being built just outside. We followed our hostess and she took us to a model of the guest quarters that were available for purchase. They were really nice. She described how the Resort would look when finished. It was a beautiful place already- the neighborhood had a lot of oak trees in it naturally. She proposed to me to purchase an area right near the pool, but upstairs from it. It was a 2-bedroom unit. Again, it was not built yet so I couldn't see it. I thought about it- I loved going to Walt Disney World, and the idea of having a place to use every time that I came back, and having a good reason to come back- made me want to buy it.

So it came to pass that I bought the timeshare, a nice 2 bedroom unit during week 24 (which is about the 2nd week of June), for $9,500. I was among the first 25 owners to purchase a unit at this brand-new Resort. They brought out a bottle of champagne for theatrics. It was cool, though...I knew what I was getting into. I can honestly say that I have used the timeshare, that the Resort is really nice, and that I have one of the best locations in the best weeks at the Resort. I have gone to this Resort and used my week there about 7 times. The other times, I have exchanged my week with RCI (Resorts Condiminums International), which is a company that is like a club, where time share owners can deposit their weeks with RCI and choose to book a week-long vacation at another RCI-affiliated resort. Through RCI, I have stayed at resorts at Lake Tahoe, California (twice), Canmore, Alberta Cananda (near Calgary and Banff), L'Anse St. Jean, Quebec Canada, and Pagosa Springs, Colorada (where Oprah went on TV with her pal Gayle).

I have learned a few things over the years, and, one thing that I know is that if you decide to buy a timeshare, you should shop around. Today there are a lot of people who have bought their timeshares and want to get rid of them, for various reasons- they bought into their timeshares at crazy interest rates, they can't control their spending, they can't get the week off from their job to go on vacation, and other reasons. A timeshare is a luxury, not a necessity. Food is more important to you than vacation, at least for most people.

If you decide to buy a timeshare, make sure that you shop around first. Ebay is a great place to look at timeshares, and sometimes you can find them there really cheap- I've seen some being sold for as little as $500 total purchase price. One thing to be aware of- timeshares cost you each year. You have to pay taxes and maintenance fees, and the Resort Association will send you a bill each year. These fees can go up- not the taxes so much, but the maintenance fees can really climb. (When I first joined with Oak Plantation, the fees were $350 per year. Now they are $700 per year!).

What? $700 per year! That's expensive! Yes, but if you were to rent my room at the Resort during the week that I have it each night for a week, you will pay $125 per night. I have a prime location at the Resort, and I like when my week is, so I'm hanging on to it. RCI costs about $95 per year to be a member, but they have some good perks of being a member, like Extra Vacations, where you can pay like $199 or $299 and still stay at a great RCI resort and not pay maintenance or exchange fees (because you didn't exchange your unit- you're just renting out available space!). If you have time and money to vacation, and you want to save some money, owning one timeshare and having an RCI membership is a good way to go.

In one of my next posts I'll tell you about a great Timeshare that's for Sale at a great price!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Use Hollywood Notary.Net- Mobile Notary Service in Los Angeles County

If you happen to live in and around Los Angeles and you need a Notary Public, then please consider using Hollywood Notary.Net, which is my Mobile Notary (Traveling Notary) Service in Los Angeles. I can come any time, day or night, to any place (home, office, coffee shop) in Los Angeles County, by appointment. My website lists my fees and prerequisites for your documents. For fast Mobile Notary Service in Los Angeles, call David at (323)393-5822.

Hollywood Notary.Net is a proud member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. I love being a Chamber Member- I get to go to some really swanky functions in some really cool places, and I meet interesting people.

Being a Notary in Hollywood, I have had the priviledge of meeting some really cool people in the Industry. I want them all to know that I really do appreciate their business, and I'm glad to know them. (I won't name them, but you know who you are!)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

What a Find!!! Yuwie!

Hey you Multi-level Marketing Mavens!!! Have I got something for you. As a matter of fact, if you have ever had a desire to be a writer, ever had a desire to get paid for things that you write and create, ever wished to get paid for things that you do on the internet, then you have a better-than golden opportunity right now with the website It's a boon- and I plan to really super-launch the "writing career that I always wish that I had if I ever had enough money to be able to slow down and write". I believe that this thing is gonna be huge to somebody- like thousands of dollars per month in income- sometimes by doing nothing- just based on the early referral work that they did!!!!

I'm no fool- I'm gonna take advantage of this! Opportunities don't fall in peoples' laps all the time- most people miss them. Sign up for Yuwie now!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Positivity in My Life!!!

I am a lot happier now. I am purging things from my home that I do not need. I am donating clothes that I have outgrown. I am becoming a better person. Part of the positivity is my fairly recent decision to become a Member and Associate of Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. The leadership of the company has a list of 10 core commitment things that, if you do them, you will certainly become successful. I find myself growing again, something that I have not experienced in a while (working at Fed Ex for 16 years really stifled me, but good- like constipation!) Thank God that I am growing again, and I'm happy!

Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm tired

Hello everyone.

I just came back this evening from Berkeley. I am so tired! Part of it is that i forgot my thyroid medicine, I suppose, and had to do without it for a day and a half. I was starting to feel pretty low without it. I feel a little better now, but I'm still tired.....Can't wait to got o bed. So, how's tricks?

I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. I had to practically abandon my business while I was gone....I am my business, I was reminded while I was on my mini-vacation.

I'm rambling. Good night!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

what happened?

It's been a while since I last wrote. Since the last time, I've lost 4 pounds. Intentionally. I want to get down to 165, and right now I'm at 180. I really haven't been excercising a lot...just trying to eat less. I still eat late at night, though.

I would love to go spend a week or two in Canada. I'd like to go to Quebec in the Fall or Winter, and maybe to Vancouver and Calgary during the summer. The people up there are really friendly, and it's clean and beautiful. I had a blast the last time I went there. I went with my Mom- yeah, sounds kind of boring, but no, it was really interesting. I went to Montreal and Quebec City, and it was cool having to speak French. Yes, I took French years ago, and enough so that I will never forget some of it.

Environmentally, I would like to plant some trees, and find ways to conserve energy.

I'm going to Walt Disney World in June- for a week. That will be fun.

I'm also going to Las Vegas in May- just for 24 hours, with my Mom. Hey, Mom is getting up in age, and she's bored, and so I gotta take care of Moms, ya know. We haven't been to Vegas together in years- over 10 years. I might take her to an all-male stripper review like Thunder From Down Under- she needs to live a little, and I want to see if she can have fun.

Oh, well, til next time...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My World. Delivered.

What do you think about the world today? Specifically, what do you think about people today, especially in the U.S.? Do you trust anybody?

When you think of dishonesty, who comes to mind? I get depressed a lot lately, when I think about the lies, the tricks, and the traps all around me each day. I don't believe the apathy and obiviousness that I see in people all around me. A few things that I notice: the President, and his staff, lie to us all the time. Unconvincingly and obviously, and there's nothing we can do about it, except talk. AT&T, the company that broke up years ago, is back, somehow, and is another monopoly of sorts. I can't help but think that phone service will go up in price, especially Cingular Wireless phone service. Gasoline is going higher in price. Carbon monoxide is causing global warming to spiral out of control, and a few experts have spoken out on it, but nobody really cares, because, really, nobody is doing anything. That's the scariest thing that I can think of! You know what happens when a big problem is getting bigger, and everyeone ignores it, and pretends it doesn't exist. Something is going to explode- something is going to give. Remember the saying, "Don't mess with Mother Nature!"? Well, I think we're gonna find out what that's like really soon.

It's really sad that the Rain Forests and the Snow in the North Pole and the Arctic regions are disappearing. All kinds of reptiles, insects and amphibians are becoming extinct due to climate change. It's amazing that the life we Americans led even 20 years ago might only be remembered in books, and maybe only in memory. The jungle adventures, the icy escapades that were once possible may be gone forever, existing only in imagination. Man is changing- still domesticated, like cattle, so civilized, so many. How many other things will die as man's population grows? Nature has a way of keeping a balance. What will it do to balance man's proliferation? I'm kind of scared to find out, but lots of things have gone through my mind.

We've seen hurricanes. We've seen tsunamis. We've seen recent earthquakes. How about volcanos erupting? What about a flu-like plague, spreading throughout the world, which has happened in history and is predicted by experts to happen again? And don't forget mankind, who, so far, has managed many times every few years to make war on one another.

Do you put money into a pension? Into a life insurance policy? Are you saving for retirement? Will you live to see that retirement? What will the earth be like once you start collecting that retirement? Will there be more crooks in public office at that time? Will we be deep in the midst of a war, a famine, a plague, or a natural disaster once you reach age 65? The earth is changing fast. In the face of everything that I see now, I have resigned myself to one thing: I am going to enjoy myself, be thankful for what I have, pray for our future, and I'm going to live life to the fullest, and to enjoy every day while I'm still here. I'm not really planning to be around very long, in the face of all that I've just mentioned.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Magic Castle, Cheap Bastards, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Tonight I went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. In case your don't know, the Magic Castle is a famous magician's club in Hollywood, where members can have dinner and see magic shows. It's a very swanky place, and I highly recommend it to anyone who knows a member and can get in.

I am not a member of the Magic Castle. (But if I had lots of money, I would probably be - the place is SO nice!) I am, however, through my business, Hollywood Notary.Net, a member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (since January), and we had a social function there tonight. This was the first event that I've ever attended with the Chamber, and I've got to say, it was really nice! I met a lot of nice, very interesting people. There were nice (free, alcoholic) drinks and hors d'ouvres. The $10 admission charge was worth the ticket!!!!

Anyway, I cut my evening short at the Magic Castle, because I had made previous plans with a previous prospective client to meet him at a coffee shop in Hollywood to notarize his document. I was only going to charge this person $10. Well, this person never showed up, and when I called him, this person refused to answer his phone. Earlier in the evening, after I left the Magic Castle, I listened to a message that this person had left on my phone, and he said that he was driving around the coffee shop and couldn't find a place to park, and that he was going to either have to drive to my house or find another Notary. It sounded from his voice that he was spazzing out (this should have been a clue to me). I called him back and tried to calm him down and reassure him that there was parking at the place, and I told him how to find it. He said that he would meet me there after all. I asked him if he could delay going there for 10 minutes, because I wanted to get a cookie at Hollywood and Highland, from the Nestle's Tollhouse Store. He said OK. Well, when I got to the coffee shop, I waited and waited. Then I called him and left a voicemail. Then I called again. Voicemail kept on picking up. After about 20 minutes of waiting and calling, I sent a text message. I texted, " Call me immediately". I got a reply: "It's not going to happen". I tried to call him again, and he wouldn't answer.

Being in business, I have encountered a few assholes and straight up bastards. This one was a cheap bastard. He had expressed that he was getting a $70 rebate from the phone company- that should have been a clue to me of his cheapness- but he didn't want to spend it all getting his document notarized, so I offered to meet him at a coffee shop in Hollywood, near where he lived. I like to save money, but I realize that this wasn't just a frugal person. From little things that he said, I could tell that he was kind of mean-spirited and cheap. I won't post his name, but he proved himself to be a really selfish "bitch". I'm not mad about it- that's the way some people are, and there are lots of them out there like that- people of little or no integrity. All businesses encounter people like this. So what did I learn?

I learned this: whenever you go to the Magic Castle, or anywhere special, and you have some cheap bastard call you up and try to get some business done on the cheap with you, don't go out of your way to accomodate the cheap bastard. Stay your ass at the Magic Castle or wherever you are. Let the cheap bastards come to your house, but only if you're gonna be home- don't stay home for the cheap bastards.

I learned this too: just keep on being the best. People will come to the best. I'm really good at what I do. I'm going to be successful in business. And I'm going to stay positive.

Tonight after getting my cookie from the Nestle Tollhouse place, I walked onto Hollywood Boulevard to retrieve my car, and I saw the Jimmy Kimmel Live banners across the street. I knew that they were taping the show at that hour. I really want to go to a taping of that show. As it turned out, Ellen Degeneres was his guest this night (I want to go to her show, too- bad!). I am planning to get tickets to Jimmy's show really soon. It's not all that difficult- you can get them online or call a phone number. What I really would like to do is to go to Jimmy's show that's on after the Oscars on Sunday. But, failing that, I will get tickets soon.