Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Census Bureau Jobs for 2010

The U.S. Census is coming up, and the U.S. Census Bureau is looking for workers who can work for a few weeks, collecting data for the U.S. Census. I took the test in order to be a worker for the Census, and I did pretty well on it. How did I hear about it? My sister told me, "Why don't you work for the U.S. Census Bureau? I'm applying". I said to myself, "Why not? I'm a Notary, things are kind of slow, I need the money, so go for it!" Well, after I took the test, I didn't hear from them for a few weeks. Believe it or not, I started to worry. I wondered if I had enough class. Finally I decided to call them up to see what my status was with them- was I being considered, or did I get disqualified? What they told me was this- I passed the background check, and they just had me on their list as a possible future candidate. "Cool", I told myself. I tell myself "cool" when I feel good about something.

One thing that had me worried when I went in was this: they said that anyone under the age of 50 needed to be registered with the U.S. Selective Service in order to be considered for a U.S. Census job. The lady who worked for the Census told all of us applicants: "If you are not registered with the Selective Service and you are between the age of 18 and 50, you need to do it today". What I found out was this: you can only register for the Selective Service if you are a man between the ages of 18 and 25 (it's the law). If you don't do it within these ages, you can NEVER register with them, and thus, you can NEVER be employed in a U.S. Government job. Wow. I do remember this: I registered when I turned 18- I was concerned that I never gave them my forwarding address when I moved. That didn't matter, I found out today- they can find you if you move, as long as you're alive, so you don't need to worry about that.

Do you know if you are registered with Selective Service? Anybody can find this out- just go to to see if you are registered.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

n'sync I Drive Myself Crazy

This is n'snyc's "I Drive Myself Crazy". I like this song, OK?

"Shout" - Tears For Fears -Acapella

This is so cool- just Roland Orzabal signing without the music- you can hear him clearly in this song, "Shout", by Tears for Fears.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Reminder Of Things That I Need To Do

Check out to find out about leasing solar panels. Check out Assurant Health, at 800-291-0587, or at Find out about Encore Dental, at 800-736-1692. I found out about all of these companies on cable TV.

Discover Card Has Pissed Me Off

I have had a Discover Card as a credit card longer than any other credit card that I have. I have their Platinum card. I have always been a loyal customer. I wonder, then, why they recently sent me a notice that said that they are going to increase my (already high) interest rate from 15.99% to 19.99%. I was so upset that I called them on the telephone, and a nice customer service person told me that all Discover account holders are having their interest rates raised. She sounded like she didn't want to do it, that it wasn't her fault, and that she was just doing her job by answering the phone. She said that it was a bad economy and that they needed to raise the rates. I told her: "The economy is bad when people get their work hours cut. When people lose their jobs. Discover Card wants to raise peoples' interest rates on them when they are earning less money?" It seems that President Obama's recent meeting with the credit card companies might have only made some of them decide to stick it to the customers even deeper while they still can. They told me that I do have the option of canceling my card, and I am seriously considering this. It's ironic, though, that they run a commercial that says that they have online tools to help you with your finances, and that they suggest that you could cut back on your Starbucks coffee purchases. How dare they! They are suggesting that people cut back on their Starbucks or Peet's Coffee, just so that you can afford it when they raise their interest rates! I mean, they are charging pawn shop rates, right? Discover Card has pissed me off, and I'm looking for an exit strategy.