Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My World. Delivered.

What do you think about the world today? Specifically, what do you think about people today, especially in the U.S.? Do you trust anybody?

When you think of dishonesty, who comes to mind? I get depressed a lot lately, when I think about the lies, the tricks, and the traps all around me each day. I don't believe the apathy and obiviousness that I see in people all around me. A few things that I notice: the President, and his staff, lie to us all the time. Unconvincingly and obviously, and there's nothing we can do about it, except talk. AT&T, the company that broke up years ago, is back, somehow, and is another monopoly of sorts. I can't help but think that phone service will go up in price, especially Cingular Wireless phone service. Gasoline is going higher in price. Carbon monoxide is causing global warming to spiral out of control, and a few experts have spoken out on it, but nobody really cares, because, really, nobody is doing anything. That's the scariest thing that I can think of! You know what happens when a big problem is getting bigger, and everyeone ignores it, and pretends it doesn't exist. Something is going to explode- something is going to give. Remember the saying, "Don't mess with Mother Nature!"? Well, I think we're gonna find out what that's like really soon.

It's really sad that the Rain Forests and the Snow in the North Pole and the Arctic regions are disappearing. All kinds of reptiles, insects and amphibians are becoming extinct due to climate change. It's amazing that the life we Americans led even 20 years ago might only be remembered in books, and maybe only in memory. The jungle adventures, the icy escapades that were once possible may be gone forever, existing only in imagination. Man is changing- still domesticated, like cattle, so civilized, so many. How many other things will die as man's population grows? Nature has a way of keeping a balance. What will it do to balance man's proliferation? I'm kind of scared to find out, but lots of things have gone through my mind.

We've seen hurricanes. We've seen tsunamis. We've seen recent earthquakes. How about volcanos erupting? What about a flu-like plague, spreading throughout the world, which has happened in history and is predicted by experts to happen again? And don't forget mankind, who, so far, has managed many times every few years to make war on one another.

Do you put money into a pension? Into a life insurance policy? Are you saving for retirement? Will you live to see that retirement? What will the earth be like once you start collecting that retirement? Will there be more crooks in public office at that time? Will we be deep in the midst of a war, a famine, a plague, or a natural disaster once you reach age 65? The earth is changing fast. In the face of everything that I see now, I have resigned myself to one thing: I am going to enjoy myself, be thankful for what I have, pray for our future, and I'm going to live life to the fullest, and to enjoy every day while I'm still here. I'm not really planning to be around very long, in the face of all that I've just mentioned.