Friday, October 30, 2009

Kaiser Permanente Sucks

Kaiser Permanente sucks, but I'm not saying that for reasons that you might think. I'm pissed because I have had them as a medical provider ever since I was a kid. With such loyalty, you'd think that they'd give me a break on the price as an adult consumer, working for myself without coverage through an employer. Well, think again. I've applied for individual coverage through them twice now, and I told the truth, and believe me, it seems like you cannot have visited a doctor at all for any reason at all for a year in order to qualify for any of their lower cost programs. Their lower-cost programs really aren't that cheap anyway, really.

I currently have Kaiser Permanente, but I pay $495 per month under their "conversion" plan, where a person who was under COBRA can simply get an individual pay plan without a medical examination.

I hope that Obama's health plan laws pass, so that Kaiser and other companies can stop discriminating against people for petty reasons. I mean, I visited a doctor last year for tonsilitis, and they held that against me! What the fuck?

Other than that, all my Kaiser doctors and Nurse Practitioners have been great doctors. I believe I have the best endocrinologists in California.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michael Jackson "This Is It" Movie Trailer

This is the movie trailer for the Michael Jackson movie, "This Is It", which will hit theaters next week. I still don't have a ticket yet, but Michael was my favorite performer, and I've gotta go! Wow, the rehearsals for that show made it seem like it would have been his best live show ever!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hate The Premise For That TV Show "The Forgotten"

I like Christian Slater, and I like TV shows, but there's something so fake about the premise of the TV show, "The Forgotten" that it's too irksome for me to watch.

On that show, there's a group of steady "volunteers" who, on their own for no pay, solve the murders of people who are seemingly "forgotten".

The problem that I have with this show is this: what large group of people have the time and the money to simply "volunteer" their time and do the jobs of the police? Why would they do that?

And how are they always able to get in the way of the police the way they do in this show? How are they always seeking out and being in the presence of the murderers? And all of that for free? That's just what's so fake to me. It seems to me if they were really that into solving murders that they'd become real police detectives, like a special unit of the police force or something. But volunteers? It's fake to me.

I Love That New ABC Show "Eastwick"

"Eastwick" on the ABC Television Network is my favorite new TV show. All of the ladies on it are good. Rebecca Romjin is really hot, as always, on this show (I was a little disappointed that she left "Ugly Betty", but she'll be back on there for guest shots, I'm sure, so it's all good!)

The acting on "Eastwick" is first-rate, and I like the town where it's set. I also like the evil guy who's the center of their curiosity. It's an interesting show, and for me, it's way better than all those other formulaic shows that try to be like "Lost".

My Favorite Song Of All Time - Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles

I think that my favorite song ever is "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles. I love the strings in the song, I love the vocals, I love the imagery of the whole song. I have loved this song ever since I was a baby- when they played this on the radio when it first came out. It's just something that totally haunts me at the core, and is so alive and vibrant at the same time.

I liked Ray Charles' version of this song, too- also brilliant! However, I give the original its due- it's perfection! I love it...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barack Obama Won The Nobel Peace Prize

Yes, it's amazing! Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He deserves it, too, because he got more votes than anyone else, so he won, fair and square (just like the election in November, except in this case he had no idea he had a chance to win). So for all you Barack Obama haters out there who don't like that he won it, just fucking get over it! You probably wouldn't like me, either, so fuck you anyway!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Today Is A Great Day!

Today I'm going to practice a few things for my Acting class tonight, I'm going to do some tweaking for my websites for my Notary business, and I'm going to give myself some self-training for my Pre-Paid Legal and Melaleuca businesses. I will also make the bed, wash the dishes, change the birdcage, vacuum, and possibly even clean out my car and take it to a car wash!

Tidying up and relaxing is the theme today (for when you're cleaning, the soundtrack from "Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is perfect listening!)

Pissed Off at a Selfish Bitch in my Acting Class

I just started an Acting class here in Los Angeles (my second year). On Thursday we had our first class. The teacher gave this lecture, part of which was about respecting each other and being humble.

After class, the teacher assigned us partners. He assigned me to a girl named "Katie", who seemed nice, and quickly passed me her phone number. She said that she would call me, and seemed eager to start.

The next day, she did not call me, like she said she would. On Saturday, I called her and got her voicemail I left a message, saying that we should discuss what we were going to do on Tuesday night for our class performance. She did not return my call. On Monday night, after not receiving a call from her, I called my friend James, who is also in my class. He said that I should call her one more time.

I called Katie one more time. She did not answer. I left a voicemail saying that since we weren't going to get to rehearse together, we should at least talk about what each of us would do in our scene together (it's an improv). I asked her that on the chance that she wasn't in the class anymore that she could let me know.

About 5 minutes later, this bitch TEXTS me to tell me that she was switching to a different section of class, on different days. This BITCH didn't have the nerve to call me and tell me that she was trying to get out of class. Utter disrespect, the utmost in unprofessionalism. I would NEVER want to work with her, and I don't think I'll ever forget this.

I told my cousin about this over coffee tonight. She chalked it up to her being young and stupid. My cousin says that that's why she hates young and stupid girls. I don't think that all young girls are stupid- I've met some smart ones, for sure. This one is just selfish. She goes against everything that the teacher taught in the first lecture.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Spammed By Craigslist

It's a trip. I posted on Craigslist a business opportunity for people to check out, and all I get in response is people from Craigslist who are trying to get me to check out THEIR crazy stuff. Doesn't anybody want to make some extra bucks? I thought the economy was bad. Where do I get quality people who want to work to really earn money?