Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Best Gift For Christmas? A iPad!

I have discovered that the best gift that you can get anyone over 18 for Christmas is an iPad! if you have elderly parents, I believe that it is the best gift. Why? Well, you can load it with pictures that you know your parents will enjoy. You can also load it with the music that you parents like. You can show them how easy it is to use. They can read books(many are free) and they can entertain themselves with YouTube. they can also take pictures!

So I highly recommend the iPad by Apple as the number one choice for a Christmas gift.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Favorite New Show: "Revenge" on ABC

My favorite new television show this season is "Revenge" on the ABC Television Network. This show was created by Mike Kelley. Why do I like this show? Because: the writing is excellent. The villains are crafty, nasty and mostly beautiful. It takes place in the Hamptons- a lush setting. The story is simple- a woman is getting revenge against all the people in town who helped to destroy her father (and therefore helped to ruin her life).

The acting in this show is really great, too. One of the most beautiful women that I ever have seen, Madeline Stowe, also stars on the show as the main woman to whom the revenge is being directed.

This show is a must-see! Visit to instantly watch episodes of this show!

Friday, November 25, 2011

An Inspirational Dinner With The President

These 4 people donated to President Barack Obama's current campaign for President, and won a chance to have an intimate dinner with him! This seems like the chance of a lifetime. From the video, you can tell that Mr. Obama is always down-to-earth. I am glad that he is doing these dinners with contributors. He's the real deal- I believe that he really cares about people!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Progressive Insurance's New Mobile App- With Flo

This video shows Flo from Progressive Insurance, telling us about Progressive's new app that you can use for getting insurance for your auto. You can acutally scan the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and get a quote- how cool is that?

Justin Bieber Says That The U.S. Healthcare System Is "Evil"

In an article in Rolling Stone Magazine earlier this year, Justin Bieber said that the U.S. Healthcare System is evil, because it is so expensive, and leaves people poor if they get sick or need medical care. Please click here to read the article from Huffington Post.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Post Office Secretly Gutted by Bush and Republicans

Yesterday I saw a commercial on CNN where it said that the United States Postal Service is making enough money, but due to a law passed in 2006, the USPS has to fund 75 years worth of pensions, even though they pensions at the post office were already fully-funded. The crazy thing is that the law makes them fund 75 years worth of pensions in 10 years- pensions for people who aren't even born yet! It makes no sense, but it is this money that is going to fund the pensions in this law that are making the Postal Service look like it is not making enough money. This law needs to be repealed. The Republicans know that the Democrats have introduced legislation to repeal the law, so they have proposed their own law to overhaul the USPS, even though it really does not need it. The Republicans ultimately want to break the Postal Union, pay lower wages, and force the USPS to sell real estate, and ultimately privatize it and not have it operate as the system we know today. Think about it- if Fed Ex or UPS buys it, less competition, right? It is amazing that the rich have convinced people to give up on pensions.

Look at this You Tube video from, which shows a debate between debate between Chuck Zlatkin, the Legislative and Political Director of the New York Metro Area Postal Union, and Gene Del Polito, President of the Association for Postal Commerce (a lobbying organization) in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Hoped That It Would Never Come To This, But....Now Accepting Donations. Please Pay It Forward- If You Can...

Hey folks. I have not written in this blog for a while, but now I'm in Mississippi visiting my relatives, and I am scared. Why, you may ask? Well, for one, I finished doing my taxes a few days ago and discovered that I owe the Federal Government about $2,900, and I owe the State of California about $540. What am I going to do? Right now that I am in Mississippi with my Mom and my uncle, I cannot do much. I have received a few Notary calls today, but there was nothing that I could do while I'm here. I am also scheduled to go to Houston, Texas next week to visit my other uncle. I am so low on cash that it is ridiculous. I don't know what I am going to do. One thing that I just did was to install the "Donate" button on the right, and hope that people will "Pay it Forward" and give me some kind of small donation that I can use to help get me out of this tight spot. I don't expect to get enough to pay the taxes, but some spending change for while I am here in Mississippi would be nice.

It is cold tonight in Jackson, Mississippi. The news says that it is about 36 degrees outside. I am having fun visiting my great aunt and my cousins, and I am trying not to worry about my money. Today I complained to nobody about my money- that was a decision that I made last night. I am considering ending my trip and coming home early, although that might upset my Mom (although she and my uncle won't come home early), and I am considering canceling the trip to Houston. I don't want to do it, but I really don't want to have the Feds on my back, and the State on me, and have crumbling credit. Business has been kind of bad lately....

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Well, I Called Chase Credit Cards, And...

I called the Chase credit card customer service, and asked them why my APR is so high. They told me that last year in June I was late for a payment. I remember, I was late- about 2 days late- I forgot. They told me that my interest rate went from 20.04% for purchases to 29.99% for purchases. I asked them why I had the worst rate, and the guy told me that it was not the worst rate- it could have been something like 31%. What's the difference? I told him that I was getting screwed at the current rate. He said that it was almost time for my account to be reviewed automatically, and that I would automatically get a lower rate or it would stay the same. That really wasn't what I want to hear. I'm gonna call them again and ask for a supervisor next time....

Friday, July 01, 2011

Thoughts For July

One big thing that I need to do this month is to call Chase credit card company. They are charging me crazy interest rates on a portion of my debt, and it makes no sense to me, since I'm such a good customer and as far as I know I haven't been late on a payment. If they don't cooperate with me, I might have ta diss them on the internet.

OK, enough for tonight. I bees tired.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big Changes Coming

I plan to make some big changes soon. No, I'm not moving. I could be changing jobs. I'm going to start auditioning for Acting jobs. I don't care if it's stage, television, workshop or a video that I write and shoot- I'm going to start being involved in produced art, and I'm going to do it now! Look out, because I'm serious. I've already started working on my body- I've gone to Gold's Gym in Hollywood for 3 nights in a row now, and climbed on that treadmill and worked off 200 calories. It might not seem a lot to some people (and it's not a lot compared to what some people there do in the gym), but for me, a middle-aged person who's about 30 pounds overweight, it's a major accomplishment compared to what I've done over the past 10 years in the area of fitness.

The truth is, I realize, when you are in Hollywood, you should do your damn best to look good- your personal best. I'm not going to worry about it, but I figure that I will perform better artistically if I'm in better shape. Makes sense, right?

Anyway, first thing for me is to start perusing craigslist. Gotta enroll in Backstage West, Actors Access, and one more place that my friends told me about but I can't remember now. I also know that I've got to get reconnected to my Acting buddies. I'm jumping in, starting NOW!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

James Franco and Anne Hathaway Give Great Performances as Oscars Hosts

In my opinion, James Franco and Anne Hathaway were outstanding Oscars hosts. They were nice to look at, entertaining, funny at times, and gave it their best, in my opinion. I hate it when people say negative things about folks who are positive and give it their best. Anne Hathaway was SO funny, and she looked stunning, and she was full of energy. James Franco, while looking a little sleepy (maybe from all that studying he does), looked hot as Marilyn Monroe in his red dress- wowza- it took some balls to come out dressed like that, so I give respect to the man!

I would like to proclaim here and now that James Franco is one of my favorite Actors and people in general. Anne Hathaway is also one of my favorite Actresses and also people in general, and I realize this because they gave it their best at the Oscars, and I hope one day to meet them and tell them this personally.

Monday, January 31, 2011

More sleep will make you more healthy

Researchers says that getting more sleep each night will make you healthier and happier. This seems logical, since I know that when I don't get enough sleep I tend to be slower and wish that I could go back to bed and get more sleep.

People who get more sleep are said to heal faster, think more clearly and have less stress. People who exercise regularly find it more easy to fall asleep, and tend to sleep longer.

I'm getting sleepy now, so it's time for bed.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Watching "Oprah" Tonight

I wasn't going to watch TV tonight- Saturday night, but at the last minute I decided to turn on the TV and watch "Saturday Night Live". When I turned on the TV it was on KABC-TV Channel 7 in Los Angeles, and I was going to turn to channel 4, but when I turned on the TV I saw Oprah, and realized shortly after that it was the show where Oprah is discussing discovering her long-lost sister that she never knew that she had, Patricia.

This particular Oprah show is so powerful- probably the most powerful Oprah show that I've ever seen- because you can really feel the desire of this woman Patricia to discover her real Mom and her real family- without realizing until later that Oprah was part of her family.

Patricia tries to contact her birth mother, but her birth mother refuses to see her or talk to her. Patricia reaches out to her deceased sister's daughter, and they take a DNA test and discover that there's an 85% match- so they are related.

What's great about this show is that Oprah's family's reaction to realizing that Patricia was the family member that they never knew they had- and that she resembled Oprah's deceased sister, Pat, so much.

Also heartening is the fact that Oprah is fighting back tears during this whole show. It's an amazing show, and if they give Emmys for great television, then Oprah should get one for this show, because I'll never forget this episode. Talk about family secrets- it's got every bit of the drama that I've seen in movies like "The Color Purple" or "Beloved". It's one of those shows that'll make you go, "Wow!" Amazing.

I hope that Oprah will do more specials and other shows featuring herself on her new network (OWN) once "The Oprah Winfrey Show" comes to an end.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going Through The Mail

Mail is so interesting. I got a letter from a Natural History Museum in New York that says that they miss me and want me back. I have never been a member!

RCI is asking me to deposit my vacation weeks. Not right now, thank you.

MDA wants money. Sorry, my money is at an all-time low.

Chase wants me to open a checking and saving account, and they will give me $125. No thank you, I like my credit union.

Disney Movie Club has movies. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. I will go online and decline.

I got something from the Claims Administrator regarding Apple Inc. Securities Litigation. I know that I don't have much Apple Inc. stock- maybe one share. A valuable share, though. I'll read this litigation stuff later.

Food and Wine gift from American Express- no thank you.

Democratic National Committee: no, I'm not in the mood. No money either. Ok, well I read it. Maybe I'll renew with $5 or so soon.

The Economist Magazine. Good deal. I need money.

VISA card application. NO!

Forbes Magazine offer for $10. Can't afford it. Don't need it.

My timeshare fees are due. Too bad for them. No money right now.

I owe Disney movie club $171. Oh, my! No money. I'll work on that one.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Larry Hagman coming to "Desperate Housewives"

I just saw "Desperate Housewives" tonight, and on the preview for next week, we see that Lynette's mother is engaged to a character played by Larry Hagman, of "Dallas" fame. In the preview, Lynette's mother says that she is marrying him because "he's loaded".

I'm excited about this, because Larry Hagman is a great actor, and played my favorite TV character of all-time, JR Ewing on "Dallas". He could be really interesting on this show!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

My New Year's Goals 2011

I have one goal this year: to accomplish more good things this year than in any other year of my life. To accomplish big goals and several smaller goals.

1. To write a screenplay and register it with WGA.

2. To read 24 books.

3. To see 100 films.

4. To open a new business that I love.

5. To pay off my Discover Card (because it's the Credit Card that I hate most. Macy's is a close second).

6. To expand my income phenomenally.