Saturday, April 21, 2007

what happened?

It's been a while since I last wrote. Since the last time, I've lost 4 pounds. Intentionally. I want to get down to 165, and right now I'm at 180. I really haven't been excercising a lot...just trying to eat less. I still eat late at night, though.

I would love to go spend a week or two in Canada. I'd like to go to Quebec in the Fall or Winter, and maybe to Vancouver and Calgary during the summer. The people up there are really friendly, and it's clean and beautiful. I had a blast the last time I went there. I went with my Mom- yeah, sounds kind of boring, but no, it was really interesting. I went to Montreal and Quebec City, and it was cool having to speak French. Yes, I took French years ago, and enough so that I will never forget some of it.

Environmentally, I would like to plant some trees, and find ways to conserve energy.

I'm going to Walt Disney World in June- for a week. That will be fun.

I'm also going to Las Vegas in May- just for 24 hours, with my Mom. Hey, Mom is getting up in age, and she's bored, and so I gotta take care of Moms, ya know. We haven't been to Vegas together in years- over 10 years. I might take her to an all-male stripper review like Thunder From Down Under- she needs to live a little, and I want to see if she can have fun.

Oh, well, til next time...