Saturday, April 24, 2010

Courtney Love Rocks

Last night I saw Courtney Love performing in her band, "Hole", at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood, California. She looked great, and she sounded fantastic! I was never really a fan of hers, but, then again, I never had bought her music or was exposed to it much except for KROQ. My friend had lent me some of his CD's to listen to before the concert, to get me acquainted with her music and to get me in the mood. I can say this: the place was packed! Everybody had a good time. She played new stuff from her new album (due out next week) and a bunch of old ones, too. She sure looked cool up there playing that guitar!

Courtney sang one song accompanied by special guest Linda Perry on keyboards (I think Linda must have written that song). It was a new kind of song for Courtney, but I think she may have a hit on her hands.

The opening song was "Skinny Little Bitch", from the new album. The crowd went wild! I like that song.

Courtney played for an hour. It was a fun experience. Hole is back. So is Courtney Love.