Monday, March 30, 2009

A Good Surprise From Chase Credit Card

Last month I called Chase credit card company to complain about changes that I saw in my billing. I was upset because they started charging me crazy fees- $10 per month to keep my account open, and charging me 5 percent of the balance each month. They said that they had sent me notice that they were going to do that, unless I agreed to let them change all of my transferred balances to 8.99 percent, then they would let my minimum payments go back to 2 percent of the outstanding balance and I wouldn't have to pay that $10 per month. I lit into them so badly- I called them twice. "You guys are getting bailout money, and you are screwing taxpayers!" , I said. The people on the other end of the phone were amusing, with their East Indian accents. "Can I offer you protection in case you become unemployed or disabled and cannot pay your bill? It's only 99 cents per 100 dollar balance that you have, each month..." Well, I almost told them to go to hell with that (Michael Jackson- remember what I advised you to tell Gloria Allred)? I ended the conversation by telling them that I was going to do my best to never do business with them again.

This month, I just reviewed my next payment, and I noticed something very interesting....

First, the ten dollar per month fee is gone.

Second, I was refunded the ten dollar per month fee for last month.

Third, my minimum payment is back to 2 percent.

What happened?

I'd like to think that public backlash and the Obama Administration had a lot to do with it. But even if I'd not like to think that, I'm sure that these ARE the reasons. What do YOU think?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Desperate Housewives is a Re-Run Tonight.

Bummer. One of my favorite TV shows, "Desperate Housewives", is on re-run tonight. Darn it! Oh, well, I guess I will watch "Six Feet Under", Season 1 Disc 2, which I rented from Netflix. It will give me some new drama that I haven't seen. It will be a few weeks before DH comes back with new episodes. "Brothers and Sisters" won't be on tonight on ABC, either. That's OK...Netflix!

A Concert Is Coming That I Want To See - Depeche Mode!

Soon coming to Los Angeles is Depeche Mode! If you like Depeche Mode's music and have never been to their concerts, I only have this to say- you will LOVE their concert. It's almost a religious experience- and the reason I say that is because of their sometimes very Christian references in their lyrics, and their simple symbolism used throughout their videos that they show on the screen. They are an awesome band, and I go see them whenever they come to Los Angeles.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Charge AIG And All Banks 29 Percent Interest The Way Credit Card Companies Charge Taxpayers

You read what I said: the U.S. Government should charge AIG and all the banks high interest rates- like the 29 percent that some of the credit card companies are charging me now! Why not? Are companies more important than people? Shouldn't "the people" be before companies? I think so. It's bad enough that the government is having to loan the banks and AIG money in the first place- why can't "we" benefit from it? Can I get an "Amen"?