Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big Changes Coming

I plan to make some big changes soon. No, I'm not moving. I could be changing jobs. I'm going to start auditioning for Acting jobs. I don't care if it's stage, television, workshop or a video that I write and shoot- I'm going to start being involved in produced art, and I'm going to do it now! Look out, because I'm serious. I've already started working on my body- I've gone to Gold's Gym in Hollywood for 3 nights in a row now, and climbed on that treadmill and worked off 200 calories. It might not seem a lot to some people (and it's not a lot compared to what some people there do in the gym), but for me, a middle-aged person who's about 30 pounds overweight, it's a major accomplishment compared to what I've done over the past 10 years in the area of fitness.

The truth is, I realize, when you are in Hollywood, you should do your damn best to look good- your personal best. I'm not going to worry about it, but I figure that I will perform better artistically if I'm in better shape. Makes sense, right?

Anyway, first thing for me is to start perusing craigslist. Gotta enroll in Backstage West, Actors Access, and one more place that my friends told me about but I can't remember now. I also know that I've got to get reconnected to my Acting buddies. I'm jumping in, starting NOW!