Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting Into The Holiday Spirit Early

Well, today was a tough day. I did make some money- a little. I had one loan signing in Sunland this evening, and I did get to go to a swanky home in a nice part of Los Feliz in the early afternoon . I did watch "Dancing with the Stars" and saw my girl, Jane Seymour, get voted off (it would have happened eventurally anyway. Mel B is definitely going to win the whole thing, if not Marie Osmond!)

I went for a fast walk tonight in Hancock Park, for 25 minutes, so that I could think and get some exercise. (I didn't exercise last night). I'm trying to do better with my diet and with physical activity.

I want to spice up my blog a little, so here's something really fun that I love- a throw-back to the old MTV, something that was really cool back in the late 80's.

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