Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Whoopi Goldberg!

I just want to say 'Happy Birthday' to one of my favorite people, Whoopi Goldberg. This woman is so cool, I should have known that she was a Scorpio. I mean, that's the only sign I could ever picture her as, because she is so cool, and yet she will get you good eventually if you ever screw her over.

I like Whoopi because she expresses her views very intelligently, and she thinks very deeply about things. I like also that she doesn't let people just get away with saying just anything- she challenges people. I think that it's a good habit to think about what you say before you say it. I also like that she respects people, she listens to people, and while she may not always agree with you, she will offer you an intelligent counterpoint to whatever point you are trying to make. I don't know Whoopi and I don't think she's going to read this, but I'm just glad that Whoopi exists and that I can watch her on "The View" on ABC every morning during the week.

Whoopi's also a great actress. Over the years, her stand-up comedy, her theatrical one-woman shows, and her movies have entertained me so much over the years, and she's brought great joy and happiness to myself and my friends. I loved her in that movie, "The Associate". "Ghost" had me in tears, when she signed the wrong name on the check. I loved it when she opened the Oscars swinging from overhead, like Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge", dressed all sexy. It was funny and daring, and while lots of people didn't like it, or get it. I did, and I loved it, so I figure that she did it for the few wise people who would get it. I think that Hollywood is so full of haters, and she, for some reason, seemed to have a lot of haters in the Oscar audience that year. I love her spirit of independence. I get that chick.

So here's to you, Whoopi Goldberg, on your birthday!!! Happy Birthday, and many more!!!

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