Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Projects

Today I started 2 new blogs that I'm excited about. One is My Magical Collection, a blog about the things that I collect (which includes Disneyana). Like Pee Wee Herman said, "Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer". No words could have been truer! I can appreciate something even more when I can look at a picture of it while sitting at my desk.

Another blog that I just started is "My Christmas Cards", which features Christmas cards that I (and my family) have received over the years. Christmas cards are so beautiful, it's a shame to throw them away- but I can't save everything, ya know! If I was super rich I suppose that I could decorate the walls of a mansion with framed Christmas cards. Alas, tis not presently the case.

Today I started reading the screenplay for the movie, "Pay It Forward", by Leslie Dixon, in my endeavor to become a screenwriter. I'm really paying attention to her style. I hope to be able to write as well as she does, with some practice. I've been listening to a book on CD called, "As A Man Thinketh", and I must say that it makes lots of sense- what you fill your mind with will directly produce what you do- what comes out of you. "Garbage in, garbage out" is something that I heard a year ago from someone, and it makes perfect sense. You have to aspire to be more and work at it in order to change yourself.

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