Friday, September 01, 2006

Cell phones in the car

I generally hate the way most people drive. Most people are bad drivers, especially in Los Angeles, where it seems everyone drives, whether they have a license or not. Some people can just barely drive. So many people tailgate. Everybody drives really fast, like they are under a damn deadline. People don't stop or even slow down sometimes for people in crosswalks. Now, add to this, these bad drivers often talk on their cellphones while they are driving so dangerously. I see so many dangerous driving maneuvers every day. Cops never seem to be around, and even when they are, they don't stop the people doing the illegal stuff most of the time. Even if a cop might try to stop someone, that could easily turn into a high speed chase across town, creating a much more dangerous situation- that's why I think so many bad drivers are never stopped by the cops.

I like to use my cell phone wherever I am. However, I admit that I hate using it when I'm driving, especially on the freeway. A split second is sometimes the difference between a near-miss and an accident. Cell phones (or coffee cups, or any other distractions) can increase your likelihood of having an accident. Cars are dangerous because they are so big and weighty- they can kill people and cause lots of damage.

That is why I don't mind that they're going to pass a law in California making it a crime (with a small fine) for using a hand-held cell phone in your car while driving. I personally will get used to it before the law passes.

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