Sunday, July 13, 2008

Want To Help America's Energy Crisis? Join

A lot of people sit around and complain about the high cost of oil and gasoline- and soon they'll be complaining about the high cost of electricity and everything else. A lot of people feel helpless and think that there is nothing that we can do to about it. What are you willing to do?

The current president of the U.S. and his Administration holds a steadfast position that global warming is overexaggerated, and will not force the auto companies to make any drastic changes in their fuel efficiency or emissions. Think about it: giving them 12 years or 20 years or more to make changes? It's funny to me that our legislators in Congress compromise so much on things that, if what the overwhelming majority of experts says is true, the few laws that have passed recently won't mean squat in terms of halting global warming, and they certainly won't stop the current outflux of American money into the hands of oil-producing foreigners, who, by the way, probably have a better chance of having dinner and being on a first-name basis with George Bush than you ever will.

So what can an average American do now? I suggest that you check out the website,, a new website put up by veteran oil billionaire, businessman and entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens. Mr. Pickens makes a great case for why America is in this crisis with oil, and demonstates lots of practical suggestions as to how we can halt it.

Think about it for a minute: the U.S. oil companies make money on the oil reserves that they hold. They make money from refining both domestic AND foreign oil. Therefore, they make money from oil no matter what. Some people who own lots of shares of oil companies (like George Bush) don't want to do anything to mess with the oil profits- not even invest in newer, cleaner technologies. Or, in the case of what T. Boone Pickens shows on his website, in older, cleaner technologies.

If done on a larger scale, wind power and solar power, along with battery technology, could actually wipe out the use of oil in the future. It's going to take more billionaires like T. Boone Pickens who see what time it is to actually make things happen. Consumers like you and me can do something, too. Check out to find out what you can do.

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