Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To Bail Out The U.S. Auto Companies? I Think NOT

There is discussion on Capitol Hill right now on whether or not the U.S. government should give the U.S. Big 3 auto makers $25 billion to help them out. I say, "Heck no!" Why do I think that way? Well, for one, nobody's buying cars right now. Japanese CARS have been better deals for years, anyway- they last longer than American cars. The American companies have been building those gas-guzzling things for years, too, and making big profits on them. Now that people have seen that they can and will be vulnerable if they continue to buy SUVs and trucks, they will think twice before going down that road again in the future. Face it- the future is in electric cars and hybrids. The only way that any of the big 3 automakers who want money now should be given any money at all is if they agree to scuttle the cars that they make now, and begin production on proven hybrid and electric cars. If any money is given out, why not also give some to Tesla Motors, an up-and-coming car company that makes stylish electric cars. Or, why doesn't one of the big 3 get an idea to combine with Tesla in a government-assisted transaction. If anybody gets any money, they'd better not simply settle for letting things proceed as they have- or it will simply be a delay of the demise of the American-owned auto industry. Well, we'll still have Saturn- that's American owned, right? They also still build Toyotas here- so there will still be some car manufacturing jobs here. I say- if nobody's buying the cars they're making because nobody wants the cars that they're making, then they should stop making those cars. If the companies won't listen, then let them go out of business!

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