Sunday, January 13, 2008

Should I drop AT&T Wireless and Get Metro PCS?

I have been thinking now seriously for about a week of changing to Metro PCS, away from AT&T wireless. Why? Well, I spend, before taxes, $69.99 per month for the AT&T Wireless (I had Cingular originally). I get 1,100 minutes for that, plus free night-time minutes (after 9PM), and free weekend minutes. I also have unlimited roaming, meaning, I can go anywhere in the nation and not pay any roaming fees. Sweet.

Then there's Metro PCS, a new service, but popular, judging by how many new offices that they've opened up in L.A. just within the last 2 months. I went into one of their offices about a month ago to inquire about cost and service. They said that they are expanding. They said that they are building their network throughtout Southern California, but while I was waiting, if I wandered out of their coverage zone, I would incur roaming charges. They share networks with other phone companies when you wander out of their coverage zone, and you are charged per minute that you use another network (a few cents, not much). I would also have to buy my phone, and own it outright- but I don't have a contract. That appeals to me.

The Metro PCS option for me would be $35 a month. I would save $35 a month. If I should roam out of the area or go on vacation, I would pay for those extra minutes, but they have you pre-pay those minutes anyway, for the event that you should need to roam. That's kind of appealing, too. You either will be able to pay your bill, or you run out of minutes. Good.

$35 saved is really like $52 saved, if you think about it. How long does it take you at work to earn $52? Well, after you earn that and it goes to your company, by the time you get it with taxes taken out, it's about $35. I'm starting to think it's worth switching.

I like Cingular overall, but I'm not into wasting money. My sister has Metro PCS and she likes it. I have come close to running over my minutes twice in the last 3 months. I'm thinking about "unlimiting myself".

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Same here! I've been back and forth this past month and i think this weekend i will swith over. I mean, i pay $60 with at%t now and could be paying $40 and get things i dont even get for $60 with at&t.

Just makes sense these days, ill save 20 bucks a month!

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Bell said...

I have been wondering what to do too! I have been with AT&T foe so many years that I am nervous to switch however they (and every other service) seem to be a big rip off. I think I will check out Metro again . Seems like the best way to go!